what center speaker to go with Kef 104.2

I need recomendations for center channel speaker to match as closely as poss. my Kef 104.2 fronts. I have 200 wpc for all three front speakers and the medi-room is about 24 feet by 26 feet.
I would think a Kef 200c would be exactly what you need.
These are fantastic sounding speakers, i think it sounds better than my B&W HTM-2.
Hope this helps.
I'm going to put another 104.2 in the center to match. I have the kef 90 and dont think that it is a close match, as mathcing is so important in the front soundstage.
My post won't help, but I've been wondering the same thing. I have a pair of the early 90's vintage Raymond Cooke bi-wired 104.2s. Fantastic speakers. I assume the Reference 200c will work and perhaps even the older 100c. What will you be using for the surrounds?
I'm using the kef 103.3 for my surrounds which are the sister speaker a model below the 104.2. The 103.3 would also be a great center speaker which theres a set on here for 400.00. I have actually used one of mine as the center speaker. They match timber wise.
I have a Q95C...does't not match...
I have a set of these as my main speakers, the 103.3 as surrounds and a pair of 102.2 as the center speaker(s). These are also in the same series; the first. They share the same tweeter as the 104's and 103's and match very well. My Yamaha DSP-A1 allows for two center speakers, so a very full and satisfying front soundstage is achieved. You may be able to use an L-pad if your amp will not accomodate two center speakers; or just use one, maybe the other for rear center if you get or have a 6.1 amp
I replaced my 100C with a 200C for use with a pair of bi-wired 104/2s to good effect. My proceed pre-amp generates white noise for use when balancing speakers, and the quality of the sound is remarkably uniform across the three speakers. We preferred listening to a DVD of the Barnford Marsalis Quartet in PCM stereo, because the 100C didn't match the 104/2s in Dolby 5.1, whereas the 5.1 version is the winner with the 200C in place.

Both the 100C and 200C have Uni-Q HF drivers; the 104/2s have dome HF drivers.

Surrounds are 102/2s. The sub is a Velodyne HGS-10 with crossover set at 50 Hz that sits of an Auralex SubDude). The Proceed amps can deliver 200 watts per channel into 4 ohms, and are used with Proceed pre-amp and digital signal processor (PAV/PDSD) front end. (I intend to add a second HGS-10 that will sit on a SubDude.)

This is a fine sounding system for music, movies, or HDTV. I highly recommend the 200C for use with a pair of 104/2s. The 100C is a perfect match for 102/2s, but not for the 104/2s. I've never heard the 90C.