What center Channel should I go with.

I have a pair of Klipsch Choris ii powered by a Yamaha RAV472. I want to add the Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer. What center channel would be a good fit for mostly playing movies. Should I also buy a amplifier. Any suggestion on subwoofers and center channel speakers and amplifiers? 

Well, as you may have been told, another Chorus II would be best.  Since most family room HT systems can't accommodate that, maybe a single Heresy II.  If not that, I have heard/read that an Academy or KLF-C6 would be next best.  All are on the large(height) size so that is something to consider.

What is your budget?


My budget for the center channel I would like to keep it under 1,000 but for the right speaker I could break that rule.

Thanks for the info 
I don't use a center channel speaker so I can't make any suggestions. I think you already know the typical advice -- tonally matching the main speakers.

Regarding a sub, I'd recommend a HSU ULS-15 over the Klipsch. It's sealed, larger driver, only slightly larger cabinet and similar price.

If you set the main speakers as SMALL (high pass them), you'll be biamping with the amp in the sub so the load on the Yammy amp will be reduced. This will also reduce distortion from the main speakers and IMD from the Yammy. 
I’ve been loving my BIC Acustec Center for years.

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