What CDP will better my digital seperates?

My current digital system consist of a TL2 transport into a Genesis digital lens, feeding a Theata Gen Va. Digital cables are Transparent reference. I am looking to downsize to a CD player. Which player, in our opinion, wll give me superior sound than my current set up?
The reimyo cdp-777 is the absolute best of the best. after that i would look at the wadia 861 series
Linn CD-12
Naim CDS3
Burmester 001
Classe Omega
Meridian Reference 800
Accuphase DP-85
you pretty much are there with what you've got. its sort of like getting rid of a classic table/arm combo.....i'd hang on to it unless you are dying to spend a fortune.
Ayre CX-7.
My suggestion.___Lose the dig.lense and the Theta5a (yup,both of them)--Get the Enkainthus dac---even the first version will make so much more music than what you have now.----I owned both of those 'boxes' for many years. The change won't cost but a few bucks more and one less dig. cable. This after you sell the 2 boxes and one cable.
The Muse 10 will out perform most Thetas. Try that or the Ayre universal, but it has a funny sequence with its remote control for fast forward and skip. For that matter, the Muse remote control has its moments too.