What CDP to replace my AA Prima ?

I mainly listen to classic & contemporary rock and contemporary blues.
The Prima is a good CDP but I need more for the quick and dynamic music that I listen to. I need more body, slam, musicality and better PRaT. The Prima CDP, coupled with my AA Prima Integrated Amp, seems to tame most of the inherent hot recordings that classic rock is known for. I don't know how much the tube in the preamp section of the amp and the tube in the CDP affect the tizziness individually but combined they do a good job. The Prima CDP ran through my Rotel SS system was more tizzy. So I am not sure if the new candidate should also be tubed.
The only other CDP that I have used is the NAD 541i which is to dark and muddy sounding.
I would like the new candidate to have a good transport and digital outs. Later, I would like to experiment with outboard DAC's when the 'bug' bites. Finally I would like to spend around $2000 in the used market.
My system consists of an Audio Aero Prima Integrated Amp, Soliloquy 6.2i speakers, M. Wolff Source PC for the CDP, Kimber ribbon speaker cable and Z Squared IC's (gold and silver mix).

Thank You
The entire Arcam line is nice! I have the CD73 and really enjoy the way it handles the entire frequency spectrum. In your case - look at a FMJ model. One other cd player that is very sweet is the Cary 303 and 306 models.

Hope this helps
Resolution Opus 21 should do it for you or Electrocompaniet used CDP players.

Happy listening.
naim cd5x master of prat and highly musical.
The Cairn Fog has excellent PRaT and is very musical IMO. It bested the Naim in terms of PRaT for me, but was much more emotionally involving at the same time.
Does you Prima CD player have a digital output? If so, you may want to consider a used Prima DAC, which has the Capitole Mk,II d/a converter in it. It is a big step, and a logical one for your situation. There are a couple available on Audiogon right now.
Then, if you're not quite "there" yet, you will know that it is not your source that is a limtiing factor, and you should look at improving your amp....
I would like to thank all of the members that contributed to this thread .
Goldenears; no the Prima does not have a digital out.
It is interesting that the Arcam FMJ, Naim and Cary were recommended as I had considered them previous to the Prima.
The Electrocompanient and Cairn also look like good suggestions .
I am curios, which of these CDP's would be considered to have the best transport section.
I have some research to do during these cold winter evenings.

Thank You Again
I guess that is a really old Prima! Is it even one of the 24/192 machines?
My mistake, yes it does have a digital out and yes it is the 24/192 model. But for other reasons I want to change to different machine .
Here are some great choices.

Cary 308T - great drive and PRAT. Very dynamic

More expensive, but even better is,

Resolution Audio Opus 21 - Wow!
Thank you Grannyring . I will add them to my list .
I would like to offer my thanks to everyone for your help and opinions.

A happy and safe Holiday to all .

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