What CDP & power cord for Plinius 9200 integrated

Any opinions on what would be a nice match for cd player and power cord for a Plinius 9200 integrated amp. So far i have listened to the Musical Fidelity A5 cd player and the Jolida 100 stock cd player.I have not auditioned any power cords yet. I would appreciate any recommendations.Thanks
My system:
Plinius 9200
Sony DVP9000es
Aerial Speakers Model 8's
Speaker wire & IC all FMS
I have just recently connected a VH Audio Flavor 4 cable on my Plinius SA-102, and it really opened the amp up. Gave it a deeper soundstage, more body and bass, and increased the transient response. Good addition for low risk (VH has a 30 or 60 day audition period).
Second the VH Audio power cables. Used both the Flavor 2 and Flavor 4 with the Plinius 9200. Also used the Audience Powerchord, but liked the Flavor 4 better for less money.
I used my Cairn Fog CDP with a Plinius 8200 for awhile. I then went to an all Cairn system and am using it with a Prologue Two currently. I used a Classe' CDP.3 and then the Classe' with an Audio Note DAC, and the Cairn easily topped both of these when paired with the Plinius. It is definitely worth a listen IMO.

I've had great results with both Signal Cable PC's and Shunyata Diamonbacks. I went from stock to Signal and noticed the largest improvement there.
I'm using a Meridian G08 for CD,certainly one of the best CD players in it's price range. And for power cords on the Plinius I use a Shunyata Taipan, and a Black Mamba v2 for the CDP. The Shunyata cord is fast and dynamic.. I feel it's a good match for the slightly laid back 9200
cary cdp with a piece of siltech or vh audio ic and audience pc for the plinius. i have tried many, much more and less expensive and that is the winning combo for me and my dynaudios