What CD would do your speakers?

Never really gave this that much thought, since I would vary the cds from day to day. But, if you could ONLY play ONE cd on a continuous loop, for let's say 8 to 10 hours a day (while at work, so volume is not a factor) for your entire speaker break in; what would that be?
Naxos 8.557501: Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring and The Nightingale opera Robert Croft conducting the London Symphony Orchestra. Plenty of varied dynamics from all the instruments of the orchestra plus some serious percussion: bass drum, double tympani sets. Top to bottom highs, mids and lows, from pianissimo to triple forte.

This will work out your system across the frequency and dynamic range spectra.

Plus it only cost me 5.95 new.

Steve, the tympanies etc. on the ROS, as powerful as they are, are pretty darn short, time wise, to really make a powerful statement on the speakers. Great piece of music though.
Highway to Hell
Warrenh, well then how about some Pole? That will move the woofers alot. Or even better, Plastikman's Consumed. I once got a Bryston 4BST to go into the red and then one channel overheated and quit temporarily from the bass content alone.

Now that sounds interesting. Plastikman's Consumed? I ordered it on Amazon. The cuts sound serious. Should move some woofers. And my speakers have 12 ten inch woofers to move. And they are 101db!! It should be cool. Thanks Steve....
Steve, purchased Plastiman's Consumed on your recommendation. Simply horrid. The worst. This cd you use for break in? NO dynamics. Nada. Well at least it wasn't a pair of speakers I bought on your recommendation. lol...hey whatever floats your boat. Anyone interested in this cd? Yours for a song...Steve, maybe you need a backup? warren