What CD titles to get from BMG????

Need some sugestions of good CD titles to get from BMG?
Bring it on!!! Any type of music from vocals to jazz ect.
I prefer the one's that's well recorded.
Get yourself some Lyle Lovett cds and enjoy.

Elvis Presley, "From Elvis in Memphis." Outstanding. Make sure to purchase the re-release from 2 years ago (18 or so cuts).
The forte of the BMG catelog is Jazz, so I have stocked up on all the Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, Billie Holiday, etc. remasters, of which there are quite a few outstanding ones; also be sure and pick up some of the blues remasters like Robert Johnson, John Lee Hooker and Howling Wolf.
Geo what you said...
I have a nice collection of Rippingtons from BMG
Fourplay,Lee Ritenour, Acoustic Alchemy, Earl Klugh,Rippingtons, Allison Krause,are all ones I have collected and enjoyed. Agree the jazz dept. is great, and also the bluegrass.
I would not buy from BMG!Alot of there recordings are flawed!I would buy used from Amazon instead.

BMG remanufactures CDs and so making them worse than some CD-R copies.
They have an originals in catalogue but they never specify and you never know what you're getting from them.
Before you give any money to support the anti-consumer entity that is BMG, please read the following in archived forums: Music; "No more music without copy protection".