What CD's do you take for a speaker audition?

I was just curious about what CD's you take when auditioning speakers...

Is there a disk or two that is a must have during an audition?
Gino D' Aurio 'Flemenco Passion' on FIM..... amazing
The ones I listen to steadily,Bob
Just take CD's you are most familiar with.
How about something you like and are infinitely familiar with? Picking a speaker is a very personal choice. That said, if the music is of an acoustic nature, recorded and mastered well and possibly female vocals are involved it will better help you delineate if the sounds your listening to are creating the illusion of real live music or not, because... isn't that the goal?! Soundstage, micro and macro dynamics, pace, texture, air, bloom all this audiophile stuff is great yet.... One technical suggestion I would offer is to audition speakers only with your amps or amps like what you will soon own because these two components share a very symbiotic synergy between them performance wise. For me, it all comes down to weather or not it moves me with the visceral emotion of a given live performance be it rock, folk, jazz, whatever. I would caution you against using “so called” HiFi recordings that are not a part of your usual listening. This approach will just confuse the already complex journey of speaker shopping that you are about to undertake. I hasten to offer my choices as they may not be probably part of your regular listening and I prefer to use analogue recordings to audition equipment because of all the ambient and textural information that it has over a digital equivalent. I really am not trying to po po HiFi recordings or digital formats as I own both to some limited extent. I hope this was helpful to you. Have fun.
Happy Listening!
Take your best recording, your worst recording and a regular recording.That should do it. Dont listen what they have.
No CDs; LPs only.
R_f_sayles is giving you sound advice. Take recordings that exemplify the specific virtues and nuances of musical reproduction that are most important to you. It's fine and even encouraged to torture your prospective purchase with a challenging base line, etc. But don't abandon musical involvement for the more easily attained "Wow did you hear that" some dealers so deftly evoke.
To test all aspects of the speaker you need several discs (or LPs). Organ, Trumpet, Piano, Violin, Full orchestra, and, of course, the ubiquitous female vocalist.
I am with Eldartford. Any speaker can sound quite good if you happen to find the right material.

The trick is to try to test the weakness of the speaker by giving it all kinds of material, at different volume levels and dynamics....choose good recordings and push it until you find the limits. A good speaker will sound accurate and balanced on all music/instruments/vocals and at all levels. A bad speaker will only sound good on a portion of the material.
When I was shopping speakers I made a CD expecially for that. I picked some Jazz, Rock, Classical, Drum Solo, Female Vocals, etc. I found it gave me a reference point on each speaker.
Walter Becker : 11 Tracks of Whack
Donald Fagen : Kamakiriad