What CD players have volume control

Building a second system and am currious what CD players have volume control other than Wadia. I have a Wadia 861 in my main system and have had good results without a pre amp. I do prefer a good pre amp but think running digital direct will suffice for my second system. I will be pairing this CD player with VTL MB 125s. I have not decided on a speaker yet but everything will be used. Any input appreciated. Thanks
A safe bet is the Theta Miles. Musical and rock solid. Generally available with XLR and RCA outputs. Volume control is accessible through the remote. Good luck.
Proceed CDP is an awesome player with a volume control operable from the remote. Can play directly into a power amp.
Add Cary cd players to yor list. I believe they all have volume control.
I have owned several CD players with volume control. Currently I own the Quad 99 CDP and find it to be the best value of all that I have owned. It is about $850 used and it is a steal at that price. I've owned Theta Miles (balanced), Cary CD-308, Musical Fidelity CD/Pre-24 and Resolution Audio Opus 21, as well as a couple of DACs that had volume control.

Overall, the RA Opus 21 was the best, but considering the Opus 21 is about 2.5X the price of the Quad on the used market, I would take the Quad every time.