What CD player/transport has the most stable mechanism?

I was wondering if someone out there could help me with this question. What CD player/transport has the most stable mechanism? By that I mean, what player/transport isolates the player from external bumps and vibration?
For years I have owned a SOTA sapphire turntable. Not that I've tried it, but you can drop a bowling bowl on it and not cause a skip. Is there a CD equivalent? No one talks about this, but for me, it's hugely important. I'm asking about vintage equipment, new stuff, cheap, expensive, whatever. BTW, I'm not asking about isolation equipment or racks or anything like that. Just the intrinsic stability of the player itself. Thanks in advance!
You can't go wrong with Esoteric K-03x at minimum or spring for the K-01X. 

This is an old thread I know but if anyone still is looking, Esoteric supports all their SCAD / CDPs no matter the age. This is done through TAP Electronics in California. Try getting that with Sony and all the others mentioned...
Actually, there were a number of complaints here from Esoteric owners that were required to ship their units back to Japan, at very high cost, for repairs.  Hopefully that is no longer the case
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