What CD player to use with Musical Fidelity X-150

Currently using a Marantz Sa-8260 cd/sacd in my system. JM Labs Cobalt 816S with Nordost Interconnect and Audioquest Gibraltor speaker cable. Is there any other CD player reccomendations other than the X-Ray V3 ? I listen to R&B, Jazz.
Sorry about that. $1,000.00
Rega Jupiter is a nice match with JM Labs speakers. I'm using a Rega Jupiter 2000 with JM Labs Electra 905's with very nice results.
There are a few for sale here on AudiogoN.
Hope this helps, Rick.
I have listened to the Rega Apollo and it is the best I've heard in the $1k new range. I sales person at the local Rega dealer said it is better than the Jupiter and Planet although, their word doesn't hold much water with me. That's a different story. I am in the same boat as you. In the market for a CDP in the $1k region and am trying to figure out if there is a used unit in that budget that is better than the Apollo. I may step up a spend a few more bucks and go with the Sim Audio Equinox, used. Let us know what you end up with.
I'm trying to smooth out the X-150 a little. The Marantz is good but the disc read times are worse than a dial-up connection. I also have very little SACD's (5). A real good dedicated redbook player that I can hold on to for a few years is what I need.
If you are concerned about the disc read times, the Apollo may not be for you. It takes about ten seconds for the player to initialize after you close the top. Rega claims it reads the disc to optimize the sound. But after that skipping from track to track is just as fast a any other average player. Not a problem to me because it takes a few seconds to get from the player to my chair.