What cd player to purchase for less than $1000?

My friend just purchased Martin Logan Source speakers and the Krell S-300i integrated amp. Please let me know your opinion for the biggest bang for the buck cd player at a cost (new or used) of less than $1000. I was thinking about the Oppo 95, but would also like to hear other opinions out there. Thank you.
I recently bought the Rega Apollo and have been happy with it. At the time it was $850 with a trade in (any cd player, working or not). List is $1,000.
I bumped it against an Arcam 8SE, Primare CD21 and Music Hall 25.2 and liked the Apollo.
The Oppo BDP-95 at $995 would seem to be the best unit available for the price you listed. And, in addition to playing CDs, it will also handle virtuall every shiny-disc created: SACD, DVD-Audio, HDCD, and BluRay.

I doubt that you will find a better unit available for the price...

Stick with a dedicated CD player. The Rega Apollo is a great choice. The Exposure 2010s is also a nice piece.
Are you afraid to spend $60 at SonyStyle for a refurb 595? It will amaze you, if you keep your mind open. Best part is that SonyStyle will come and get it for free if you don't like it.
Stick with a dedicated CD player


If you go the main page and click on the search , it will give you option to enter a dollar amount and category. There are a lot of good choices for cd players that are in the $800 to 1k range.
A used Sony 5400. I've heard one and was very impressed.
A new Sony SCD XA5400 ES for $909.99 @ CDW. Shipping will add 20 bucks or so. A great deal from an authorized seller.
I've been impressed with my Pioneer Elite SACD player. The current model retails for about $700. I have the previous generation that I got for about have of the $500 retail.
Ska man.
Great info, better than used prices. Thanks.
You can pick up a used Cambridge 840C for $850-$950 here on Audiogon. Read Absolute Sound and Stereophile reviews on this unit and you will be sold on it.
Onkyo DX-7555 is great sounding and built like a tank.
The CDW charges sales tax on top of the price quoted. Still over $100 less than anywhere else.
Rotel rcd-1520. this cd player sounds awesome(owned one for a year) and is considered to be one of the best values in it's price range and above. tas 2010 and 2011 pick.
Riley804, that is so cool! I never knew that. Thanks
Whathifi done a very neg. review of the Rotel RCD-1520.

As rare as bad reviews are these days, I take notice when I read one.
If you can do without SACD, then give the TEAC PD-H600 a try.
Whathifi doesn't like the sound of Rotel players in general. If the RCD-1520 had a Cambridge face plate, they would've loved it.
I find a lot of reviewers are that way.
Seems like they have a bias towards certain products.