What CD player to buy?

I recently replaced all of my old Adcom/Mission equipment with the Anthem tuner/pre-amp and solid state power amp (200w per channel)and Tyler Reference Monitors. I have still been using my rather cheap Sony CD player and suspect that it is inadequate with the new system. I listen almost exclusively to classical music.

Can anyone recommend a suitable CD player? I am not into fancy or ultra-expensive things, just decent sound at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance for the advice.
What is your budget? Personally, I can't relate to the terms "fancy or ultra-expensive".
NAD C542 - $599 (warm and inviting solid state)
Sony DVP-NS999ES - $999 (very accurate cd/dvd/sacd)
Jolida - $900 (tubes)

Three players with three different sounds.

All good players for the money.

Sony 999 is a great workhorse with excelent video playback.
Resolution audio CD50 or CD55 if you can afford it there Opus player is better yet. They offer a tremendous value in today's market. Also the Audio Aero Prima and if you can swing it the Audio Aero Capitole mkII. And depdending on your definition of fancy or ultra expensive the Emm labs CDSD/DCC2 combo is argueably the finest digital reproduction available today. So there are my suggestion from sub $1k to nearly $20k
There ia a Wadia 301 for sale here for $2000.00 and you will not need your Pre amp.
Rega apollo will be fine for you. I had the same question 6 month ago. I did the shoot out with similarly priced CD players & more expensive ones. I chose Apollo.
Rega Apollo is about $950 new. On Audiogon you can find it between $650 - $800.Good luck.