What cd player should I buy?

I need the help of an audiophile!

My system includes:

BAT VK-60 amp
Audio Research LS 15 preamp
Vienna Acoustic Mozart speakers
CAL Audio DX-2 cd player hooked to MSB Link Dac III

The cd/dac combo is not to my liking. I want something "warmer" with more of an analog sound. My budget is $2,000.

What should I buy?
I understand that the BAT cd player works very well with the vk-60 amp.
If you want to go SACD, you could pick up a used Sony 777 2-channel player and put a few bucks worth of mods (e-mail me for recommmendations if you like) into it and that would be very hard to beat.
Good luck!
I am sure you will get many excellent opinions, mine would be the Meridian 508.24; you can get one used for the price you list and I feel meets your desires.
The Electrocompaniet EMC-1 (Mk I) can be found for about that on this site. You will never hear a better CD player. Later, if you want to experiment, you can buy or have installed the 24/192 Mk II upgrade. You may never need it, so far I haven't indulged. Warm, analog-like, beautiful sound.
The Rega CD players are noted for their warmth. You'd even have some $$ left for CD's.
Add the Linn Ikemi (used around $2.2 - 2.4K) to your audition list. It is very nice. Joel
It's not clear to me that you need a warmer sound; rather that you current combo has a hard, grainy edginess to it that you'd like to lose. If you're loking for a cd player that adds nothing and takes away nothing, then I think the built-like-a-tank Sony XA7ES is a great call. The guy who sold me mine then bought the Meridian 508.24, referenced above. A month later he called and asked if I'd swap the players with him! (I kept the Sony).
get the new bel canto 2.0 dac($1300)and nordost dig. cable(used$300-350).
Audio analogue Maestro CD, Electrocompanient EMC1 seem to fit your set of requirements perfectly.

Ttathompaolcom Do you have that DAC? If so, what are your impressions? I have the 1.1 and the ART di/o, I'm not too sure about that one and whether I should upgrade it but love the Bel-Canto.
The Sony SACD players (SCD777 and XA777) is certainly good value for money, but they may not give you the warmth you are looking for.

There has been some buzz on audioasylum about a tubed Shanling CD player which Music Hall will bring in (at $2000). Inmate DannyB bought one directly from China and was very impressed. It certainly looks fantastic, I have for obvious reasons not heard it.

Try to audition the Audio Aero Prima, little brother to the Capitole. Used to sell for $1500 but I think the price has gone up to $1800 now.
I'd buy a turntable, but...that's just me. I like YBA CDP's, they sound a lot less digital than anything else I've auditioned.
A trick to buying used CD players is to wait until May or June! Many manufactures introduce revised models (the Audio Aero Capitole) and the older models take quite a hit on the used market! Generally speaking, digital components are probably one of the WORST pieces of electronics when it comes to holding resale! Keep an eye out for an announcement by a major and very well know high end manufacturer who will be discontinuing their top of the line redbook CD player/processor (just introduced in 2000!) Sorry, I can not divulge the name as I have been sworn to secrecy! Happy Tunes!
...can't go wrong with any of these two...
My vote goes to the Electrocompaniet EMC-1. I own an EMC-1 and have no regrets. Very difficult to find a better cdp for the money!