What cd-player should go with Proac 2.5, VT-100?

Once again, Now we got Proac Res 2.5 and VT-100 mkII. What should be the cd-player for system?

How the Mark Levinson No.39 gets along with it?
or should I go for ARC CD2 ?

Please advice
I use the Ayre CX-7 with the 2.5's although my amplifier is the Ayre AX-7.
Good match the CX-7 with Proac imho.
Try a Linn Ikemi!

Good Luck!*>)
I used to run a Levinson 39 directly into my VT-100 Mk-I.
It was a solid player but don't really remember much "magic" coming out of my Audio Artistry Dvoraks.
Can't blame the 39 altogether as the AA's weren't the best match with the ARC (they really sang with 2 BEL 1001 Mk-V's, however).
The best digital I've heard (aside from dcs and the new Audio Aero player at 2004 CES) has been from Theta.