What CD-player or DAC should I get ?


I've been doing some research on what I should get for a CD-player. Many says that using a seperated DAC and transporter sounds much better than a one box cd-player.
So I would like to ask for some suggestion.

My system:
Speakers : Proac 2.5 loudspeakers
Power Amp : Audio Research VT100mkII
Preamp : Audio Research LS-7

Many recommends me for a musical fedelity one, and some recommend Theta (this may be too much for my system)
So I'd ask to ask for some opinion and suggestion.

Thank you
naim cd5x- very musical
I wouldn't worry about any CD player being too much for my system--for my budget, yes, but not for my system. This is because every time I have heard a source upgraded in a system the improvement has been audible, and pleasing. The same has not been true for speakers, where a big improvement can mean you hear any weaknesses upstream.

With your gear I would go for a Shanling T100 or better. (Used Linn Ikemi? Haven't heard the new Linn CDP.) The two-box setup is not in itself better musically than the single-box approach, no matter what people say.
Shanling? Why not ARC if he has all the ARC. That would be the choice. in balance this would be a great combo. CD2, CD3 or CD3 MkII.
You could get a CD3MkII now and enjoy the difference it will make in your system. If, at a later date, you want to try an external DAC, you can use the CD3MkII as a high-quality transport .......
I think A hayman's idea is a good one. I can't believe how relatively low the prices are on the ARC CD3's.
Linn Ikemi!*>)