what cd player is good for MCINTOSH MA6900?

I am desperate, I can figure out what single disc cd player to get for my Mcintosh MA 6900 and my Revel F32
my budget is around $2500
should I look at a Mcintosh MCD 201, Meridian G08, an Accuphase?
please help me out
all three you've named are excellent.
Whatever CDP you choose, be sure to reverse the speaker leads +/-. Mac inverts polarity.
A no brainer -- the MCD201 which can be operated with the MA6900 remote. The other two CDP's would be older units to pick them up in your price range. Why get an 8 bit player??

The bit about "make sure you invert the polarity on speakers" is absolute malarky.
Ontjesr, what is your factual basis for such a remark? One of my customers heard the benefits immediately on his MA6900, as did I, and I assure you the CD player he was using does not invert polarity - some do. Maybe the MCD201 also inverts, so in that case maybe two wrongs make a right. In any event it's easy to swap the leads to determine which way sounds better.
Thanks so much for your help.
I asked because unfortunately I am ignorant to connections and what makes a system sound better.
for example, I have no clue what polarity means or what it means to reverse the speaker leads.
I wil try to find out what you mean by those stated