What CD player compares to NAD C545BEE?

My 4th NAD CD player just died. My dealer has so far kept replacing them. But I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a player in the $500.00 range that is sonicly equal or better than the 545 and is reliable. I like the 545 sonicly. It has absolutely no electronic glare. I realize it's a little dead-sounding, but that's ok with me. Dead is easy on my ears. This new thread is probably a little redundant but I like to narrow things down.
i've had similar experience with nad sources--they sound quite good when they're working, but don't work consistently. in any event, i'd look at cambridge audio 540/640/550 (which frequently pop up here in the $350-500 range); very neutral, quality piece which'll play anything you throw at it.
Thanks. Thanks for reinforcement.
check out a used Rega planet
Will do. Thanks.
Agreed with Mr. Loomisjohnson. CA CD players sound very neutraul but I have never owned one so I cannot comment on their reliability.

Oppo Blu Ray players have been known for their good sound. Again, I don't know anything about their reliability.

Denon DVD & Blu Ray players may not sound as good as NAD or CA IMO but they are quite reliable. My sister purchased a Denon CD player in 1996 when she attended UC Berkeley and that Denon CD player is still working great.

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Thanks, Hieule5.
Cambridge. Don't get first generation 540C or 640C, look for v2 versions, or the newer 550C.
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Check out the Rotel 1072--it goes for about $400-450 used and has wonderfully smooth sound. Build quality and durability are excellent. I had the same experience with an NAD CD player, too--a bummer, because I think their integrated amps are great values.
Thanks for feedback on NAD. Must be bad chips over and over again. Will check out Rotel. Thanks.
You might be able to pick up a demo REGA Apollo for about $650-700. Worth a listen.
OK. Thanks. Will look into.
I owened this and loved it. Good player
I got a Musical Fidelity v-dac for $299. at audioadvisor and am using my hk hd7600 for transport. The hd7600 is the only high quality player hk ever made. It weighs about 15 lbs and was advised it would make a good enough transport. The dac is only 24 hrs old and breaking in, but it's like getting my ears cleaned. The NAD was easy on the ears, but this has clarity and definition and tight bass. What an upgrade.!