What CD Palyer

Hi guys
I'm new to this forum
I have a small dilemma
What will be the best cd palyer to my system

Paradigm studio 40s..Sub -Seismic 12
AVR Anthem MRX 700..

I'm interested in Rotel RCD 1520 or Arcam 17 ..
Thank you for any answer
Whats your budget ? Do you prefer a softer sound or more detailed .
Thank you for your reply
My budget is $ 1000
I prefer softer sound ..
Find a used Raysonic 128. I have experiences with players
from all of the big names and up to $5000. I have sold quite a few on this site. Very MUSICAL for the buck.
Thank you very much
The Reviews look very good
Tomorrow I will go to the Ovation Audio Inc
It is the distributor in the GTA
If it's worth it I can even pay $ 1500
Another CD player to consider is the Sony XA5400ES CD/SACD player. You have a lot of flexibility owning the MRX700 as it has HDMI inputs and the Sony outputs digital via HDMI. The Sony also has Balanced outputs and digital out.

The Sony is well regarded on this site and in the press, and is worth considering. This for music only and won't cover video or DVD audio.

Have a good search!
I have your budget and am waiting for the oppo bdp-95 to come out in the next few weeks.

good idea
Currently I have a Panasonic BDT-100 Blu-ray player 3D
Denon DVD -1920 (Which play SACD)
Onkyo Integra DX-C 606 (Which is 10 year old)
And PS3
Looking for something that is good with 2 chanels
NorthStar DAC and Transport, used is about in your price range. Like KL, I have owned some good digital (Esoteric, Levinson, Audio Aero - still own these 3)(DCS, EMM Labs, Wadia, Resolution Audio and others - formerly owned).

I agree with his assesment on the Raysonic, for the slightly warmer side. The Northstar will also give you a bit of that warmth, but not nearly as much as the Raysonic. That is why I am suggesting it, in case you find the Raysonice too warm. It (Raysonic) is more in the sound category as my Audio Aero Capitole (warm, beautiful, lush) while the Northstar is more in the category of the resolution Audio GNSC'd (a bit more neautral in shading)(reference to categories is for "flavor" only).
Hi guys
I'm new to this forum I have a small dilemma
also I have a Meridian 596 dvd plyer and Meridian 568.2
surround proc..The 596 over the years have been giving me trouble..had it repaired twice(video issues dvd-rom)and now the audio side cuts off while playing..I luv the processor and would like to get a compatible cd/dvd player to replace the 596..I'll go used price around 2k or something new
any suggestions will be most appreciated
There are a lot of good "universal" players available, some used at really good prices. Clarify where you need HDMI or not.

I would suggest looking into the Ayre unit that sold for quite a bit new, but used is really very reasonable. Another consideration would be the Esoteric units (like the DV50S which have really come down in price). I would be very careful of a used Krell disc player as their units have had numerous problems. There are a lot of players that fit this bill, determining the output types will start to help you narrow it down.

Personally, I would consider looking at two players, one for DVD and the other for music. I would get an OPPO DVD player (pretty cheap, used for about $200 or even less) and use the differenct between that and your budget to get a better CD player. That of course follows my own goals - best performance for music. The OPPO players are very good for video.
I have the Panasonic blue-rayBD80 which I think would suffice on the video side..My preference is more toward music so my focus would be on a formidable CD player..
any sugestions ? Used would be fine(2k or less)