What CD has the best production/sound?

I'm looking for CDs to show off my system. What is the best CD (non-24/96) for sound/production? My vote is Steely Dan's 2 against nature. Yours?
Look for cd's that have been mastered by Bob Ludwig. Depending on your music "taste" any cd Bob Ludwig has been involved with can usually show you what is possible even with the cd standard.
The new Kate Schrock (which was mastered by Ludwig) is great. It's called Dame's Rocket.
For classical, the Reference Recordings Minnesota Orchestra series, particularly the Bernstein disc, are well recorded and have demonstration sound.
if you want generalities: some of the best-produced cd's (and lp's) are c&w and blues. almost anything by willie nelson sounds great; the remastered redheaded stanger will knock your socks off. for blues, try anything on analogue productions (acoustics sounds) or telarc/blues. one of the greatest pair of producers is daniel lanois and brian eno (u2, dylan, etc.). for gorgeous cajun/rock try lanois' own album, arcadie. oh yeah, some gospel stuff is also first-rate in sound/production. buy the 1st fairfield four cd, if you don't already own it (standing in the safety zone).
If you can find the Burmester, Art for the Ears disc, grab it. It is a sampler disc and the sound is incredible.