What CD for my Plinius Hiato?

Meridian G08.2 or Plinius CD101?
I once owned the 9200. Since you narrowed your list of sources to the CD101 and the Meridian G08.2 I'd feel compelled to try the CD101. Unless you can audition each of these sources with the Hiato, you have no clue about the quality of the match between the Meridian and Plinius, but the synergy of the CD101 and the Hiato is basically guaranteed.
Very different sounding players. The Plinius CD 101 does have synergy with Plinius pres/amps, but only because the CD 101 can be very detailed and almost lean while the Plinius pres/amps are on the warmer side. Meridian is warmer and more musical, so depends on what your looking for in a CD player...

How do you like the Hiato? Compared it to the 9200?
it's to soon but the Hiato are more powerfull, sound bigger, more analitical, the time is more composed, more defined. It's diferent. the philosofy is quit the same from the new pre Tautoro.
Now i want to change my source, my first choice was the Plinius CD101 but i have the possibility to buy a Audio Research CD7, why do you think about it?

12-29-08: Hce4

How do you like the Hiato? Compared it to the 9200?

The Hiato is very different in sound to the 9200. See AudioEnz forum for a review on the Hiato.

Kiwi, I want to compliment you on a detailed and well-written review. But why review the Hiato integrated with only 24 hours of warm up and 120 hours of run in time? It seems to me it would have been more prudent to hold off on a review until the integrated had more hours of warm up/settle-in time and more than 120 hours of run-in. The relatively short period of run in would tend to invalidate your conclusions of its performance.
I am guided by the manufacturers or dealers recommendation on the recommended "run-in" time. These parameters were met. The SA series is not like the 9000 series - which requires a greater warm up / run in time to come on song.
Kiwi! i've a plinius hiato and after 350 hours it's not you describe. a little more sense of objectivity are necessaire...
my sistem is diferent of your.

cd-meridian G08
speakers-dynaudio contour s3.4
vinyl-clearaudio performance
pre-phono-plinius koru
cable-atlas mavros xlr
power-exact power
space- 7,50mx3,50m
popless, did you upgrade from a plinius 9x00? i'm on the upgrade path myself and currently using a 9200 and the hiato is on my list of candidates. would be interested in your take of the hiato vs your former integrated especially if plinius.

the 9200 is a bit overly warm and polite in my system.
Hi Poplesss, your old was a plinius integrated too?, Can you describe here your sense with Hiato in your system and compare with your old amplifier

My System:
Perreaux R200i
Wadia 781i
Eichmann RCA QReference
Eichmann SPK Q3000
Wilson Benesch Chimera
Hi! My old amp was a Pass Labs INT 150. I found to smoot for my Dynaudio Contour S3.4

The Plinius Hiato integrated needs at least 24-48 hours left on and at least 200 hours run in, if not more. I constantly find dissatisfaction with owners who do not give there components enough break in time. I had some Stealth cables that needed a true 500 hours and until then I had no idea what amazing cables they were.

Some say the new Rowland 500 integrated needs 500 hours and beyond to open up!