What cd for $1000 is best for this system?

My friend has the following system and has asked me for recommendations for cd player for $1K. Used at $1K is what I'm asking about. If you feel that he should spend less given his equipment, that's good. I have been told that the cornerhorns can have the crossovers upgraded and that improves them a lot. Is that true and what does it cost?
What system, Bill?

TRL is said to be excellent for the $250 Sony CDP (search the threads for the model #) + a mod cost of $550. APL mods a Marantz for $1100 total. I think you're going to get most out of the modded players.

If you're speaking of Klipschorn crossovers, advise your friend to purchase these. They were the single biggest upgrade we've yet made to our system, particularly when using the low wattage amps.

Und so...what's his system?
Here is my friends system:

Klipsch corner horns
Atma-sphere mk II monoblocks
Atma-sphere preamp
Goetz silver ribbon cables from the amp to the speaker
Xlr cables from the preamp to each amp

I inserted this before, I should have previewed the listing.
I am told the new TRL modified Sony DVP-NS900V is one of the most musical CD players for the money (I'll know soon as I'm getting ready to send mine off). A'gon member Ecruz just posted about his. If you can find the player, with the cost of the mods you're looking at around $800-$1k. The Sony which I believe Boa2 is referring to is the Sony 595 or perhaps the 777ES. Both were highly praised in a 6moons review by Stephaen Harrell. These will also run under $1k. Call Paul Weitzel at TRL, they have done several hundred digital mods and I'm sure they can make some recommendations for you.
Absolutely, tell your friend to get the crossovers. I can't exaggerate the difference they made. And yes, Clio9, it was the Sony 595 I'd read about. Sounds like there are a lot of happy owners of that modded machine.
Good luck,

I've already told him to get the crossovers. Now for the cd player.
Come on guys (& girls), I really need some help here. I have no clue what makes sense with my friend's system. He's cost concerned. I want to get him the most bang for the buck.

Help me.
I would also agree with the suggestions of a modded machine by RAM, APL, or TRL, or any number fo other modders. You really get an amazing value for your money with a mod of a stock unit.
They all offer a low cost option I believe.
Youc an get out of it for less than $1000 easily and have a digital front end that is in the ballpark of high end sound.
Your limitation will actually become the rest of the system, but that let's you grow into it.
I have had the TRL SONY 595. Excellent unit.
If you can find a Sony DVP NS900 and get it modded by TRL, you will have quite a machine for less than $1000. Big hit at CES allegedly.
Creek CD50 or CD53, others

Cary 301, 303 or 308
FWIW- I had the Cary 308 (nice player) before I went to a TRL modded unit (Sony 595).
The Sony was better in every way in my opinion in my setup.
That was just my experience, though.
I would recommend a used consonance 2.2. I use one with an ASL tube amp and Klipsch speakers in a second system. Very refined sound for the money. Absolutely reliable and I like its looks. Although tubed, it is clean, fast, extended and transparent- shines in tubed based systems. If you are looking for a more midrangey CDP to add body, the current quad CDP is another to consider.

Good advice. I might also throw out the names of Modwright and Emprical Audio.

BTW - the Sony DVP-NS900V appears to have been more than just a hit at CES. I'm told by those that exhibited there that there was a huge line to get into that specific room.

Lakefrontroad - seriously, if you're doing due diligence for your friend then you owe it to them to check modded options and out of the box options out.
Hey, there is an Arcam CD-92 FS right now on AG.
Pretty good deal it seems for a well regarded stock player.
(I have no relationship with the seller).
Thank you all for your recommendations. I will tell my friend and let him go from there.