What CD cleaner to use?

just wondering what people use to clean their CDs (if anything)? i've been reading online about how reviewers always use various anti-static sprays and cleaners on CDs before they listen to them, and how they make a lot of difference to the sound quality. does buying a $50 spray make that much of a difference compared to just cleaning off a CD with an optical lens cleaner?

any opinions?
Check out this animation. It will explain it to you.

Most popular audiophile solutions are: (alphabetically)

Auric Illuminator - CD/DVD Cleaner
Disc Doctor CD Cleaning System
Shine Ola (Record Research)
Vivid (Walker Audio)

Inexpensive cleaner that provide good results: (alphabetically)

ROR (residual oil remover) V-Vax Corp., Chicago
Novus Plastic Polish #1, Novus Inc. Minnesota
3M Plastic Polish, 3M Corp.

Search Audiogon posts for reviews of the audiophile solutions. For the inexpensive versions, buy and try.
Second the Shine Ola easy to use and effective. I have tried a number of them and this one does the trick.
There is a great post about CD's and long term damage that can occur by using the wrong types of products on them. (Remember the Armor All disaster? I do, it ruined around 500 of my shiny discs).

Here's the link: http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?ddgtl&1096407732&read&keyw&zzshine=ola

I hope that this helps ...
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