What CD and SACD player have a discreet audio

section rather than op-amps. Current or recent models please.

Thanks for your input.
Ayre CX-5

Wadia CD581
Also, Marantz has a number of players at various price points which utilize discrete (not discreet) output stages, including one (the CD5005) which lists for only $399. Also, the Bryston BCD-1 (no longer produced) has a discrete output stage.

Undoubtedly there are numerous others at all kinds of price points, at least among CD (as opposed to SACD) players, but those come to mind immediately.

-- Al

what are the advantage(s) of having discrete audio sections
in CD/SACD spinners. In other words, what is to be achieved
w/ this particular design?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
The same as in quality pre-amps. Using IC chips or op-amps are not thought of as high-end in pre-amps and the same could be said of the audio output sections of cd/sacd players. If these integrated circuit or op-amps were of any merit then we would have many acceptable pre-amps with them....but we don't. Their only real advantage has to do with cost and ease of manufacture.
I forgot to mention this in my other post. Another option would be to get a good mass market player like a Sony 9000ES and send it out to be modded. The op amps are usually removed as part of the mod.
I agree with Whatjd's comments above. I know my Vitus SCD-025MkII cdp uses discrete analogue stages derived from the SL-102 preamp. I've also replaced stock 4 x OPA627AP ic op amps in my previous Ayon CD-5s with Burson Single HD discrete op amps and have heard the improvement with my own ears. Basically music sounded less digital (more analogue), music came from a blacker background, bass improved & soundstage width doubled. The difference to my ears was clear.