What causes Pops?

I get static and skips, but what causes POPS?

Just wondering.



If you’re talking about albums, the record needs cleaning, cartridge needs cleaning or some albums have defects. Is it on all records?

Joe Nies

I cleaned it twice using the Spin Clean.  Got slightly better after the second cleaning.

For me, on a phonograph disc a pop can be caused by a large piece of dust or other hard object stuck in the groove. It can also be caused by a gouge. And when the object/gouge is deep or long enough, it can cause a skip foreword or an endless repeat of the music contained in a single revolution. And yeah, these are maladies that have always plagued records. 78's were rife with them. Anti-skate adds still more tricks to the madness. It's one of the things that spurred on the development of the compact disc and other digital/computer-based playback.

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