what cartriges for my Fidelity Research FR64FX ?

what best cartriges for my Fidelity Research FR64FX mounted on a MITCHELL Gyrodeck MKII ?
(high mass arm, i think 28 grammes)
Thanks for your answers
A low compliance moving coil will work very well in this arm. I can't tell you which ones as I have been away from turntables for many years. Back in the day, I would have recommended a Denon 103 series, Supex, Sleeping Beauty, or the original Koetsu.
A Denon DL103R would be nice on it. Or else a Shelter cartridge, which is a descendent of the original FR cartridges, being made by one of the old FR engineers. Or a Koetsu.
Wonderful arm! High mass tonearms mate best with Low Compliance cartridges. Any cartridge whose compliance rating is below 12 x 10 to the minus 6th is a candidate; example: 8 x 10 to the minus 6th cm/dyne. This list might include Kiseki, Supex, Denon 103 Series, some Koetsus, many Grados. Also, you might want to check with Sumiko and Musical Surroundings to see which of their current brands/models are in that category. Happy listening!

I have the same tonearm. I am going to have my old FR MK 3 rebuilt and take up residence in it.

Oh, do you have or do you know of a source for Fidelity Research head shells?

Regards, Steelhead
Steelhead. Email me as I have an original FR headshell. Cheers.When employing any good mc cartridge, the FR 64fx is competetive with any tonearm out there. Denon's,koetsu's,shelters, you name it and it will perform with the best of them.