What cartridges would best sound an Ekos arm?

I have a vintage Sondek LP12 (serial# 28***) Lingo'd mk2, Tramped, Cirkus'd, T-cable'd Ekos Tonearm. I usually listen to Jazz ( Monk, Colchrane) Rock ( Zeppelin, Roger Waters)
I've been very happy with a Benz S M on my LP12/lingo/ekos
Dear Marcussantiago: I like the Ekos, very good tonearm.

This cartridge can be a good match and is a great performer:


Regards and enjoy the music,
Without a doubt a Expert stylus re-tipped Troika. It's a perfect combination - and I've tried many over many years. Nothing sounds as good.
Dear Sprog: Do you already heard the Nagaoka I posted?, because you said: " nothing sounds as good. ".

Or this one that can works very fine with too:


Regards and enjoy the music,
No Rauliruegas I've not heard it with that one, but I have heard it with the following:

Linn Karma, Linn Klyde, Linn Arkiv, Dynavector 17d2, Audio Technica OC9, Shelter 901, Shelter 901Mk2, Shelter 90x, Zyx Atmos, plus some others over the years that I can't remember now.

I agree Rauliruegas, it's a superb arm, one of the greats.

You like rock Marcussantiago? With a Troika the Ekos sounds superb. I'm talking of 20 years of experience with an Ekos (and I have other arms including an SME V, Origin Live Conqueror and Ortofon 309-d). The others can sound "better" (whatever that really means) with different cartridges, but the combination of an Ekos and a Troika is magical as an all-round package. Probably why good ones still fetch high prices on e-bay ... I'm not the only one who's noticed!

My current "reference" is the Ortofon 309-d with an A90. But I still love the sound of the Ekos and Troika, it's the second arm on my turntable and takes the place of all the others I've mentioned above.

Good luck!
Dear Sprog: That A-90 is " something "., good that you own it.

I see that you owned only MC cartridges. There are some vintage MM/MI cartridges that for " penauts " are a challenge even for the A-90, maybe you could try some one in the future: you will be nicely " surprised ", I think.

regards and enjoy the music,
Wow you people gave me a cartridge overload . This is an interesting shopping list. Thanking you for the recomendations. I will let you all know which was my choice before christmas.
I recently sold my Troika and bought a Lyra Delos and then traded up to the Kleos. Both sounded better than the Troika, which in it's day was considered a great Linn cart for the LP12, and it was. But the new generation Lyra's have a much more delicate, natural, precise without being over analytical approach. The Lyra's musicality has added to my listening hours, I would highly recommend you looking at either. The Delos does a wonderful job but the Kleos takes it to the next two levels. I am using the same arm along with trampolin, cirkus, new motor with Lingo, and recently set up by the dealer. Phone stage is the Linto for your comparison. I listen to more rock than jazz but I can tell Radio K.A.O.S. and Battle of Evermore take on whole new life!
Why are you skipping the obvious?

Linn Akiva sounds great on your arm.
Point taken Theo, but I was talking about an Expert Stylus re-tipped Troika, which is a major improvement on the original. Major.

Anyway, interesting posts. Ekos + Troika (ES re-tip) is top banana. 20 years later - see my first post - I'm not saying it's the "best" arm/cartridge combination ever, I'm only talking about the Ekos as that's what this thread started as - However I keep coming back to this combination as my second arm, it's really special, especially for rock and has a amazing "thrill" factor.
Hey Raul,

You say "There are some vintage MM/MI cartridges that for " penauts " are a challenge even for the A-90"

Are you serious? Really? What... ?

Yes, the A90 is "something". Something that I've never heard before in a cartridge. It's out there on it's own, in my experience. It is amazing.
Sprog, my comments were directed at Marcussantiago in answer to his question and not at your response. He was asking for opinions on what cartridges would be recommended. I responded with my experience, which is one mans opinion, that I wanted to share with him. It was only a suggestion to him, and was not directed at your contribution. So I appologize for any misinterpretation that my comments were directed at you.

TO:Marcussantiago, I only suggest that you take a look at the Lyra products as they are pleasing to my ears and work well with my system, I updated my cartridge as my Troika was in great shape and very sellable. I did not sell it because it was inferior in any way, however I (personal opinion)felt it was of an older design and the new Lyras presented a new application of new technology. Take a look at thir website and read what they have done, also Fremer wrote a pretty good review of the Delos a few months back in Stereophile. the tough part about getting a new cartridge is especially on an Linn is that it is no easy to change them in and out for demos. I always remove my arm to change it per my dealers strong insistance to prevent bearing damage. I adhere to this because I can't afford to find out if he is right or wrong by ruining a great arm.

Final Note: All other suggestions here are valid and good mine is just in addition to those stated, I am not familiar with them and may come to find out I might have researched my purchase further, that's what I like about AudioGon is the contined learning about this passion we have for music reproduction.
Dear Sprog: I own and owned a lot of LOMC cartridges and I had at least three times for a while the A-90 in my system as many other times that I heard almost all the MC cartridges out there in different system.

The LOMC cartridge alternative is just that " an alternative " a very good indeed but in the other side exist and is alive the MM/MI cartridge alternative that's through my experiences with in the last 4-5years and in the experiences of many other Agon people tell us that it is a very good alternative too " surprisinly " good and with several advantages against the LOMC alternative.

Years ago I was sceptic/sceptical like you till I try, learn on the subject and found out that there is no single reason why " no body cares on the MM/MI alternative " but we all are victims of the " commercial corrupted " part of the AHEE.

Well if you want to test and know a little about the quality performance flavor of those MM/MI cartridges then this one can show you of what I'm talking about and till today what you are missing or not:


If you have time you can contact these Agon persons on the whole subject and ask what are their opinion on MM/MI cartridges like:

Technics EPC P100CMK4 or Empire D4000III or Audio Technica AT20SS or AT24/25:



and obviously you can read about on that very long thread and in my Agon official reviews:



there are many people that could give you their opinions as there are several MM/MI cartridges that performs at the nera, at the same level and even that outperform not only the A-90 but IMHO any LOMC cartridge out there.

Anyway as I told you the MM/MI is just another analog source alternative.

Regards and enjoy the music,
What phono stage are you using Raul?
and more importantly, which table?
Good reply Misskuma, but in my experience a phono stage is the most important - assuming a decent high-end turntable (oh, endless discussions/battles maybe to come..!) is in place.

I'm assuming Raul has a good turntable Misskuma.

The phono stage is king to hear what's going on with a cartridge, if you already have at least a pretty damn good turntable and arm.

Raul - I'm assuming you do?
Dear Misskuma and Sprog: Here you can read about my audio system components:


Regrads and enjoy the music,
Certainly I see no LP12 in the stack. :)
Dear Misskuma: I don't understand what you mean or try to imply when you refer to LP12.

A tonearm and a cartridge ( any combination. ) IMHO are not two audio items but only one. How it performs depend 80%+ on its intimate relationship.

From this point of view the LP12 is a decent TT but certainly not the best or one of the top TT's out there, any one of the TT's I own ( DD and BD designs. ) IMHO outperform a LP12 ( I was a LP12 owner years ago and sold it because I needed to " keep walking ". ).

Your post seems to imply that " after LP12 " there are nothing more/else and this is absolutely untrue.

Regards and enjoy the music,

Turntable choice is a personal one in that I doubt noone can claim what's best for everybody.

I don't claim the Sondek is the best. But the OPs deck, if it's set up correctly, the Akiva should sound right to the EKOS. ( even if it's not my choice )

And certainly I can't say the Akiva is the best cartridge for the price but it was designed to go with the very arm the OP has. Which makes it a natural partner and ensure the compatibility. Same goes for the Troika mentioned earlier. ( altho, the voicing would vary depending on retipper )

There are many many cartridges available for every price point, but it seems it's a logical place to start with the one is intended for the deck and the arm.