What Cartridge Would Make the Best Match?

Here is my system:

Rega P-25 turntable
EAR 834p phono stage
Audio Analogue Maestro CDP
Unison Research UNICO integrated amplifier
REL Strata III subwoofer
Spendor 2/3 speakers

I listen to classical and jazz.

What would be the best cartridge for my Rega P-25?

I'm willing to spend up to $750 for a new cart in order to get the best match.

Many thanks for your advice.
Grado or Clear Audio Aurum. Go for the $350-450 range, not $600 and above.
Benz micro glider 2
I don't know for sure about the *best match*, & I'm not a cartridge expert. However I've been using an original H.O. Benz Glider with my P25 for several years. I think it sounds great--it's definitely made me a Benz fan. Think about it--Swiss made, always well reviewed; I've never seen a review of a Benz cartridge that was less than enthusiastic. Signature Sound is a Rega dealer--& Rich the owner can give you some informed advice. Good luck!
My personal experience:

Very good match : Clearaudio Aurum Beta S MM $500 retail.
Excellent match : Benz Glider Series II MC low or medium output $795 retail, $600 with Benz trade, $650 with other cartridge trade.
Outstanding match : Benz Woodbody L2 or M2 $1295 Retail, $800 with Benz Trade, $1000 with other cart trade.
Benz Glider preferably high or medium output.
Benz M series may be much better if you will find a great deal from overseas.

I believe the EAR 834p is available in MM-only or MC + MM versions. Which does he have? If it's the MC version, how much gain does it provide.

Don't we need to know that before tossing out cartridge recommendations?

Let me know if I'm all wet.
Dougdeacon said it right!

I have an 834P which does have MM/MC but some models don't. BTW, great little units. Especially after modifying. I have not tried a MC with mine, however I have not heard any positive reports from folks who have. Seems that the transformers built in are not all that great. I plan to use an external stepup when I get around to it.

If you want an MM that's tough to beat I can recommend the Shure V15VxMR. There was a place selling these for around $200. Here's a link:
95% of EAR 834P out there are MM/MCs.
It's no where near the amount you have budgeted, but the Denon DL-103R from Audio Cubes in Japan runs $259 shipped and is a great sounding cartridge on a Rega. I've also had very positive sounds out of a Rega Exact which is made for your TT. At $599 it's pricey but can be found used for less. I have used them both and like them both quite a lot.

Paul Green
Thanks for the info. If your research is correct, the best approach would be to pretend Dsc's 834P is the MM version, even if it isn't. :-)

Given that, for a $750 budget on an RB-300 how about a Shelter 501 ($500) + K&K stepups ($225) + Twl's HIFI Mod ($25-ish) + Paul's VTF-on-the-fly mod (free)?

The Shelter is a better compliance match than the Shure, it has more output than the Denon and great sonics for his music preferences.
What a stupid post. Shelter 501 for $500? What am I smoking?

Whatever, it's great stuff! The Shelter I mean. Hey, it's only $300 over budget. Who needs lunches?
I stand corrected! I did a search over on VA and did find some satisfied 834P owners, some even using .5mV cartridges into the MM at 47kOhms. I may be trying this myself soon as I have local deal in the works that would allow me to substantially upgrade from my MMF 7. If it were me I would still anticipate fiddling aroung with some load resistors. It's pretty easy but you do need to be able to solder.

I tend agree with Audiomax, I bet most 834P's are MM/MC.
The response to my inquiry has been very helpful.

My EAR 834P has both MM and MC capability.

Thanks, everyone.

I've decided to go with the Sumiko Blackbird. It has enough bite to bring my jazz LPs to life with the other components in my system (i.e., my EAR phono stage, UNICO amplifier, and Spendor speakers) tempering any edge or brightness, if there is any edge or brightness with this cartridge, which all of the audio reviews say there is not.

Blackbird is a very good cartridge but it's quite heavy (close to 10g). Not sure it's a "best match" with Rega tonearm (Sumiko or your dealer can explain that to you).

Analog heaven awaits you...