What cartridge to use on the VPI Scoutmaster?

Any suggestions on a cartridge that works well on the JMW-9 tonearm on the VPI Scoutmaster? Thanks
My local VPI dealer has several different cartridges that he uses on the Scoutmaster demo in his store: Shelter 501; Grado Reference; and the DynaVector Karat that sells for about $750 (can't think of model name -- maybe the 17D?).
...and if you don't have $4500 for a Titan, try the Dynavector 20XL or H (depending on your phono section). I've heard the Sumiko Blackbird is a great match, too.

See this post re. comparison of cartridges on the Scoutmaster.
I would go with the Sumiko Blackbird.
The Benz Ace works well with the JMW-9. I started with one a few months back with my ScoutMaster and by the time it was fully broken in, it was just awesome.

I just upgraded to the SuperScoutMaster level with the Signature arm and stepped up to the Shelter 901. It sounds great but is still breaking in.

The Benz ace cartridges are a good match for the JMW-9. I am keeping mine as a back-up.
i am using the sumiko blackbird on my scoutmaster with good results,and it's cheap at 750.00 retail.
I am using a Denon 103R cartridge and am so far very happy with it. Lots of low-level detail and finesse. Not the last word by any means but for $250 very difficult to beat. Am considering upgrading soon to a Shelter based on reviews I have read and the match between it and the VPI tonearms. Not before I get the Signature tonearm though ;-)