What cartridge to match with Audio Research PH-3

Hey Guys.
I could use some help with choosing a cartridge to use with my new to me stock Audio Research PH-3. I am using it with a Audio research LS-15. My current cartridge is a classic Signet TK 7lca cartridge rated at 5.0mv with a new ATN142Lp stylus. And everything I read says that may be to height of an output for this combo.

So question is what cartridge are you guys running with your ph-3.

If any body has experience with the LS-15, PH-3 combo I would love to hear your thoughts.

And while we are at it what tubes do you like for the LS-15 and PH-3.

Thanks for all your help.
i'd use medium out mc cartridge anywhere fr .6mV to 2mV.
the rest of parameters compliance, weight will depend on your tt/arm
I am running a PH3 with an LS15 right now with an Audio Technica AT 150ML with 5.0 mV output. The PH3 does not come even close to overload. The LS15, of course, has the volume control attenuators on the input side of things, so it doesn't have an overload problem. If you are running single ended output on the LS15, the gain is only 6dB (a factor of two on voltage) and the relatively low gain helps. The key is the volume control position, which is dependent on the input sensitivity of the downstream power amp and speaker sensitivity (efficiency). With my ARC D115, the input sensitivity is very high (0.6V at clipping) and the volume for normal listening is at about 9 0'clock. With my other amp which clips at 1.7V, I listen at about 11 o'clock. In either case, the LS15 volume steps are not too coarse and the lowest volume setting is low enough for late night listening that is not too loud. My speakers are inefficient, however, (Magnepan 20.7s) and produce only 86dB at one watt. My experience is that, unless you are running super efficient speakers like horns, you should be OK.