What Cartridge please?

I have a ClearAudio Concept TT w/satisty tone arm, and currently using a Denon DL110 cart, but I want to upgrade. What is the best cart that this TT can fully utilize?? 
I want to stay with MC carts as I like their sound, and preferably a CA unit, but I'm open in that regard.
My phono stage can handle any cart I throw at it, so no limitations there.

Thanks Fellas,
A $9k cart seems ridiculous for a $1.5k table, let's get serious. There has to be a point of diminishing returns some where. 
I was thinking $2k for a cart is enough for this TT. Or is the Concept more capable?
I had a CA champion and satisfy arm, best results I had were with a ZYX Airy3. I also ran CA, denon, and benz on it but ZYX was better. 
shawn ...

Read the threads on the AT-ART-9. LP Tunes has it for under $1100.00. or for even less money, under $500.00, you might want to consider the AT OC9 MKIII, also available at LP Tunes. The ART-9 stays right up there with the big boys and outdoes many of them at their own game.
Shawn - since you are using a Denon DL110 successfully - you might be able to switch to a Soundsmith Denon DL103 or 103R - but verify the compliance first

I was using the stock 103 for a couple of years - then upgraded to the Soundsmith version of the DL103 with a Ruby Cantilever and a Optimized Contour contact line diamond for superb performance.

The mods were well worth the money and I retained the same sonic signature that I like - just with bags more details and clarity

You could even send your cart to SS for a cantilever/stylus upgrade

Take a look at their options page

Soundsmith also now carries their own line of cartridges

Hope that helps
Bearing in mind your TT / tonearm cost, it doesn't make much sense to me to spend mega- bucks on the cartridge. Two of the best cart's I have owned in the moderate to medium-price range are the Shelter 501 Mk3 (mc), and the ClearAudio Maestro v2 Ebony (Mm). Both are first-rate cart's. If you want to step up a notch, consider the Lyra Delos.
Also available at $500-ish is the Audio Technica AT33PTG/II. It's not officially distributed in the US, but is easy to find on Amazon and eBay from Japanese vendors. It's also available on Japan-based audiocubes2.com.

It's like the AT33EV except that it has the boron cantilever and MicroLinear stylus, which is a quicker tracker and lasts longer betfore needing a retip--or so I've been told by my local long-running analog specialty store.
After some time (hours and hours) on the ol' interweb, I've seen the Shelter 501 and Lyra Delos come up several times. Thinking I may have to put them on my short list. But still open to suggestions.
Consider a Denon DL-S1, LOMC.  There are reviews here and on Audio Asylum.  I do not find any need to upgrade and the price was very reasonable.
I second WillieWonka on the Soundsmith upgrade. Don't underestimate it for the sake of change.

Shawnlh, I haven't personally made the comparison, but I have an industry insider friend who rolls lots of top cartridges, and who positions the AT ART7 & ART9 above both the Kleos and the Delos.  I have an ART7 and will probably try an ART9.  Reportedly the ART9 has a fuller and more dynamic presentation than the ART7(and a more phono stage friendly .5mV output.)  I do have both ART7 and DL-S1 and prefer the ART7.

Whatever the merits of the AT ARTs, there are doubtless audiophiles who won't try them due to confirmation bias favoring higher priced brands.

I third WillieWwonka's suggestion about the Soundsmith DL103R.

I went this path and preferred (by a wide margin) my wood-bodied Soundsmith Denon 103R with ruby cantilever over Grado Platinum, Shelter 501, 901 and Music Maker III.

This was on a Teres diy table with a  Well Tempered tonearm.


Alas - soundsmith has stopped selling the wood bodied version due to supplier difficulties

Also see the latest news on Soundsmith here

While I am as happy as the next guy to throw out suggestions based on my experience (another ZYX fan here), I think it may be more helpful a discussion if you give us an idea of what you are looking for in a cart? What types of music do you listen to, and what characteristics of the music are of most interest to you? 
I listen to a huge variety of music, about only thing I don't listen to is classical. I prefer strings to air (to a point), and tend to shy away from brass instruments other than the sax. I try not to be too analytical when listening as I find it detracts from the joy, but I like to hear "air" around the instruments. 
In all fairness, the DL110 isn't horrible, but the "air" tends to lack, and the stage can become a bit shallow at times. 

AT50ANV is precursor to ART7.  The product literature suggests that the two are identical, except that the non-magnetic coil armature was changed from titanium to stiffer and more lightweight liquid crystal polymer.  The commemorative ANV version carries a price premium.

I really like the ART7, but my friend who has both cartridges feels that greater embodiment and dynamics makes the ART9 more involving.   

Well, I don't know, Dave. Once you heard the Lyra Etna maybe you would move up from a Denon DL110.... I really like it.   
I have a Lyra Delos, it is relatively affordable, and really outstanding.  I use it with a j a Michell tecnodec and a Whest phono preamp. The trio produce a really beautiful sound.