What cartridge performs best with Thorens TD160?

I have an old Thorens TD160 currently outfitted with a Grado Prestige Blue. What cartridge under $400 would provide a significant sonic improvement to my set-up?
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05-06-08: Prcinka
Shure V15.....
If that's true, then it should also be true of the *currently in production* Audio-Technica AT150 MLX. It lists at around $400, but can be had much cheaper at LPgear.

I'd also maybe look at an Ortofon 2M Blue or Bronze.
Thanks so much for your responses. At first, I thought I would just go with the Grado Gold because I am familiar with the sound of the Blue. In your opinion does the AT150MLX outperform the Grado Gold?
I'd go for the Grado gold,not only is the price right it is a great sounding cartridge after you get a few hours on it.
the at150 mlx is one of the finest mm's....plays as refined as cartridges that are much more expensive
Would you say the AT150MLX is an improvement over the Grado Gold?