What cartridge mates well with graham 2.2t

I have been using a blackbird up until now and want to go one up. Do I get the celebration, will it work with graham's arm? Are there other cartridges that better it in this price range? Is the celebration much better than the blackbird or should I stick with the blackbird?
Try the Lyra Helikon, Its about $ 2000 new or you can try the ortofon Kontrapunkt B for $ 1100.

Lyra is an amazing Cartridge, I have personally used the MONO Helikon, but am using the Lyra Skala Stereo. I use the Graham Phantom.

I would say that the Lyra Helikon is a very good match with any Graham Tonarm
Stay with a cartridge that does not weigh more than 12 gms.
A load of good ones to choose from,and the Helikon is superb.