What cartridge mates well with Aries 2 JMW 10.5

I am putting together a system using Aries 2 JMW 10.5 and AHT Non- Signature. Are there any cartridges I should avoid. How would a low output Transfiguration Temper W MC (0.5mV) mate with this set-up?
I use a Koetsu Urushi with the Aries2/JMW10.5 rig and all is well, amazing and ultimately satisfying.
I'd think a Temper Supreme should go nicely on it. It has a 15cu compliance, which I feel should be about perfect on that arm. For the money, you might also consider the ZYX R-100 Fuji, which is a lot less money, and might sound even a touch better than the Supreme. It is also a good compliance for your arm.