What Cartridge for Clearaudio Performance?

Hi, I'm looking for cartridge recommendations for a Clearaudio Performance with a satisfy carbon arm. I was thinking of benz ace/glider/wood? How much of a real world difference is there between the 3? and low vs. mid vs. high? Or maybe dynavector XX2?

Phono pre is a Musical Surroundings Phenomenon II.

I would like a warm/lush but also very detailed sound. Asking too much?

Also, I'm a bit of a newbe, but I was also thinking of getting one of these from 2juki on ebay. I know he's a bit of a controversial person, but it seems end users have nothing but good things to say about him. Is it smart/not smart to try to setup the cartridge myself if i've never done it before? You gota learn some how right?

Any suggestions would be great.


oh, and rest of system is dac weiss 2 -> linn klout -> harbeth c7es3. I have a headroom desktop ultra that I'll use as a line pre when i hook up the turntable.
Looks like Benz Glider matches your request.
dynavector xx2 is just to spend more money for less performance imho.
I personally like more agressive and clean sound of Lyra Argo and also phenomenal tracking abilities.
Having owned a Benz Glider II in the past, I would never use the term "warm/lush" to describe it. It is more of a neutral type of cartridge, IMHO. It is detailed though, so that will fulfill one of your requirements. It has a fairly low noise floor, but it is not quite as quiet as some of the better cartridge lines, (such as Dynavector and Koetsu).

IMHO, if you really want a warm/lush cartridge with very detailed sound, I would recommend a Koetsu Black. (It costs more, but it is worth it, and 2juki sells them as I recall, but they are still somewhat pricey. Used though, they tend to go for the same price range as what you're looking for.)

The Black has that wonderful Koetsu mid-range magic that Koetsu is known for. In addition, the Black has that great Koetsu deep, dark, black background that reveals much more detail than the average cartridge, (like the Glider).

FYI: The Koetsu cartridges get knocked for being very rolled off in the bass and treble regions, and while they are slightly rolled off, it is not so much that you should immediately reject them. (Admittedly, the Black does have a slightly rolled off treble, ("just" slightly), and the bass is a bit loose, (not bad, just not quite as tight as say the Glider), but overall, it is a much superior cartridge IMHO.) I would never go back to the Glider, but I could see myself getting a Black if I were ever to run a second system, and needed a more budget cartridge than what I currently use.

(And just so you know my frame of reference): I started out with the Glider II on my Basis 1400 TT, (with a Rega RB300 tonearm), about 8 years ago; and then upgraded to the Koetsu Black; then to the Koetsu Rosewood Signature; then to the Shelter 90X; and finally to the Dynavector XV-1S, (which is where I plan on staying for a very long time!) And my turntable and tonearm have made a few upgrades along the way as well, but that has no real bearing on my perception of the various cartridges I've owned.

Good Luck in your search for your next cartridge!!!
It's funny because when I recently purchased a Clearaudio Performance SEP from Needle Doctor I asked them to suggest a cartridge with these exact same traits. They suggested the Lyra Delos, so after some thinking about it and of course reading reviews of it I decided to take the plunge. I must say I am very glad that I did. It is a beautiful sounding cartridge that provides wonderful detail but with a warmth that removes any fatigue factor. I have spent full days listening to it and simply love it. I was considering the Lyra Kleos as well but it is about twice as much so I decided to start with the Delos, and I have not been disappointed.