Im looking to experiment with some cartridges for my clearaudio emotion cmb/satisfy. i just got back into the analog thing with this table. as of now its got a goldring erotica. im looking for an investment of $500-$1000. im currently considering the following:

denon 103/r - with a wood body (various including soundsmith)
soundsmith carmen
clearaudio virtuoso
or sending the goldring for a soundsmith retip

following the source, system is:
vtl 2.5 w/ phono mm/mc
vtl st-85
snell type D

mapleshade wire throughout
herbies tube dampers Rx all over mapleshade tube anchors for phono
GE 12ax7 for phono - WOW! (a dude down stairs through away an old werlitzer organ and i went and took the tubes!)
Be bold, and cheap. Try a Shure 97. I know, I know, how can something so cheap sound so good. Well it does and it makes a great replacement while you are looking for another cartridge.
I just scored a new AT440MLA and it is amazing. It sounds very good also...
I have the virtuoso on my Marantz TT15 which is similar to your table, and love it. Smoooth midrange, nice imaging, wide response, and 3D soundstage. The stylus is a bit fragile and nonreplaceable however. So be careful.
I have the Clearaudio Emotion and I used to use a Shure 97. I will admit that the sound was really quite solid and accurate - albeit potentially a little bit lean.

I've since put a Dynavector 10X5 on and I couldn't be happier. So, I would guess that if you are really looking to spend between $500 - $1000 I would think you might want to look at the Dynavector 20x2 in the right output range for your preamp.
thanks allÂ… i will continue to experiment, especially with the less expensive!