What can you tell me about Metronome players?

I was speaking over the phone with a reputable dealer
who enthusiastically endorsed a $3000 Metronome unit.
It sounded as if it was his favorite in my $3k or less
range, with Ayre (his other favorite in the price range), Rega, Arcam and Gamut among the many other brands he stocks.

Apparently Metronome supplies other manufacturers, including some of the other top French brands, with key components to their players.

I've seen little if any commentary on this site about Metronome. The dealer conceded that they are not well-known,
but that the step up from, say, a $1500 to a $3000 player is well-worth it from a listening perspective. (My other key equip is a Plinius integrated and Totem Forrests.)Any comments on these units that you can share?

I think I've narrowed my search to a couple of units: the Sim Nova, the Audio Aero Prima, and possibly this one
if the feedback is strong. Thanks for any input.
I heard my friends Metronome the one with the tube(s) in it and remote volume control. It was nice for the used price he paid a few years back $1600 or so. I have heard the newer two box Metronome but I think at the new higher prices, there are now better such as Accuphase, Wadia, EMC, Audiomeca, etc.
The Totems are very unforgiving of components upstream. The Forrest works well with the Plinius for sure. So this is a move in the right direction. The Ayre is a very fine player that gives detailed sound yet sometime a little "distant" which may mitigate too much of the open, warm yet lively and airy Forrest/Plinius combination. You should investigate the Gamut 1-R (Revised). I heard it in the Von Schweikert room at the HE2003 in SF and it pours forth some lovely sound. It looks much better now with the silver face plate IMHO. There's a current review of it the latest Hi-Fi Choice (not my favorite rag but will do for now). I personally like French CD players. You should investigate the latest Vecteur L4.2 if you don't mind single-ended (RCA) outputs. But they are transformer coupled! I haven't heard this model but the review on Enjoythemusic.com
This player canbe had for $1900!
Thanks for the responses. GamuT was on my short, but the dealer I spoke with, who also carries that line, suggested, without getting into too many specifics, that availability
of that line was currently compromised. Not sure if he was blowing smoke, or what that was about.
Hello Golfrok,

I assume the Metronome player you are referring to is the CD2v Signature. I’ve owned this player now for a year and I’m very happy with it. It is very smooth and detailed in the mids and gives a good amount of extension on both the high and low ends. The one issue I've had until very recently is the tubes. Since I purchased this player, I've wanted to find the best tubes for it. I've gone through many, Mullard 6dj8, Tesla, Amperex, Amperex Bugle Boy, Philips, Jadis, Nationals and finally the tubes that I have in now, the West German Telefunkin 6dj8. These tubes are by far the best of the lot and they have helped solidify my opinion of this player. Not to say that I did not hear the sound qualities I mentioned above from this player with the other tubes in it, I'm just hearing them much better with the Telefunkin tubes. I highly recommend this player although I've heard some very nice things about the Audio Aero Prima but I have not heard the Prima personally. Good luck with your search and happy hunting.......John
Add the Audio Note CD 3.1x to your list. You will find it more transparent and musical than some of the others. It will hold its own agains many more expensive players.
Fast forward to 2016-

companies are still making excellent cd spinners. Audionet.