What can you tell me about a Thorens TD 318 MK3?

Any good? What would you compare it to? I see it sold for just under $1000 in the late 1980's. I have a line on one in the original box with owners manual and stock arm.

I know nothing about this table so any help would be great.
excellent table w/arm. should compete with most quality tables today.
Thanks for your reply Jaybo...any idea as to what one would expect to pay for a nice example with box, packing and manual? Nice dust cover with little or no scratches as well.

350 to 400 in great condition...more if mint
Pulled the trigger on this table. However UPS played soccer with it before it got to my door. The dust cover is history but the table survived just fine.

I wonder just how much nice gear have gone in the dumpster because of those guys???

Just ordered a Shure M97xE cart to see how it sounds. May order a new clear dust cover for it soon.

Was it packed well? That is a shame. I have a TD 316 and it still sounds good to me. Although my main table is now the VPI HR-X.