What can you tell me ?

I am seriously looking at a tube amplifier, especially considering thw Conrad Johnson LP66s and the spectron Musician!! Has anyone had any experience with either? Or is there another one ypu would suggest?
The Spectron isn't a tube amp, it's class D.
Hi Jack.

IMHO, anything bearing the name Conrad Johnson is hard to beat for value.

But, you might want to check out these other tube amps (some are hybrids):
> BAT VK-55
> McIntosh MC275
> Music Reference RM-200
> Bryston 4B-SST
> Coda S5
> Halcro Logic MC20
> Luminance Audio KST-150
> Portal Audio Paladin (monoblocks)
> Prima Luna ProLoue 7 (monoblocks)
Perhaps you spoke with Marvin in the first place - the Bryston and Halcro amps are not tube amps, but solid-state. What the hell's going on today?
Take a look at the Butlers - fabulous sound! I have a TDB-5150 5-channel amp and it works quite well with my all-Gallo surround sound system. They also have a sweet 2 channel tube amp, the TDB-2250.

And Butler is having a factory sale right now, you can save over $400 on the 2250...

what speakers are you driving,size of the room, and your music tastes?
also what is your budget?
What about...

VTL 85
VTL 150
VAC Phi 200
I would suggest Cary as well......I have owned both (cj and cary) and they are excellent indeed. Solid build quality, great customer service, reliable and they sound great. What more could you ask for..........Mac builds great stuff as well.
How can you talk about tube amps and not mention Audio Research? Unbeliveable.
My bag Eee3...Audio Research has awesome components as well.

Like the REF210 amp myself and the new DAC7.
Riell; I have B&W 805s and my room is 12'X15' Prior ro my present amp (Mcintosh MC7278) I had an Anthem and a Prima Luna Prologue 6. I am not happy with the Mc.
Yup agree concerning audio research as well............
Thought you might be interested in how it all came out in the end. After much cogitating and considering I puchased a Conrad Johnson ET250. This necessitated a complete makeover od my Study.;B ut it was allworth itr\. I am extremely satisfied with the sound quality I have achieved. My system finally ended up with the folloowing:
Preamp: Prima Luna Prolgue Three
Power Amp. Conrad Johnson ET 250
Tuner Rotel rt 02
CD Player Cambridge AZur 840c
Line Conditrioner Panamax 5510

I want to thank all of you who put in youre trwo cents worth. You hedlp make one happy camper Jack North1178
Great news Jack.

Uh...are we suppose to guess what your speakers are?

Awesome that you selected the ET 250.
I think thet knowladible prrof reader are the first to go in that econimy ! It hass been notising th same thing with my loco newpaper in almost a daile basiz .
Picky, picky. No, you are right, I should have proof read the note. Not an excuse but I bought a new wireless keyboard and it is ultra sensitive. Takes some getting used to..

My speakers are B&W 804s.

Not capping on you , sorry . Just commenting on the times !

Happy Tunes .