What can you sell?

Hi all,new to Audiogon. Just stumbled across this sight last week,love it! Research it every night! Purchased a PS P300 a few weeks ago,love their stuff. Been making several offers on some PS stuff on this sight. Question, what is the extent of what can be sold here. I know it has to be in the theme of a/v stuff. I have seen albums and what not here. I have some rare hard to find promotional Led Zeppelin posters. Is this type of item ok to sell/auction here. Thanks,
This is America. I think we can sell anything related to A/V on this site. I have seen mostly hardware (amp, cd player, etc) and software (LP, cd), and sometimes misc stuff (T-shirt). The Audiogon administrator can probably give you a better answer.
Just don't try to sell substances that one smokes or ingests for the enhancement of listening pleasure :-)
I sold 7 Kilos of Heroine over Augiogon. The moderators are pretty cool, about the only thing you can NOT sell us mail-order russian wives.