What Can You Do With A Thorens?

I have a Thorens TD145 that I bought at a second hand shop in seemingly perfect running condition. The phono cables were changed out by the store proprietor, nothing fancy. I bought the Thorens because after buying high end speakers, a high end DAC, a very nice phono stage and an extremely nice amplifier (not to mention cables) I then began to run out of money. The dilemma; could I live with a nice collection of mostly classical late 1940's to late 1950's mono LP's with nothing to play them on? Now along comes an audio friend from the hippie days and I tell him that I am planning to purchase an Ortofon Cadenza mono cartridge for my Thorens TD145 and he says, 'what about replacing the wire that runs from the phono cable to the tone arm wire with pure silver'? Yes, ...well I've never even considered it and why?

At this point I've decided on the Ortofon Cadenza Mono cartridge, a JA Michell record clamp, a 'Spin Clean' record washer but then what's to come later on when I get the urge to push this little old Thorens to its audiophile limits? Should I be so crazy as to a change out the tone arm, or solder those microcosmic angel hair pure silver braided wires from the tone arm wire to the phono cable or should I replace the generic thin grey phono cables with expensive high end magically shielded phono cable?

Can I possibly separate audiophile myths from worthy turntable upgrades; 'Out with the old stock and in with the new'?
Happy New Year by the way.
Keep in mind silver wire breaks easily, even fine stranded ones. So if it flexes a lot, don't expect it to be trouble free.
Also, a cartridge has over 6 six feet (if memory is correct) of super fine wire in its coil. I doubt that short length of heavier wire would be noticeable, in comparison to the long fine copper in the cartridge used to make the music.
Thanks Hifihvn! I appreciate being guided in the right direction. I'm guessing however that a different phono cable might give me a noticeable improvement. I'm hesitant however about spending allot of money on a TD145, say any more than $400.00 for a used phono cable.
If your talking about the interconnect, try one you have now, and see if it does any better. If it doesn't, that would give you an idea what to expect. Also don't try any interconnect cables without a trial period.
Yes, I'm referring to purchasing a cable that runs from the backside of the turntable with what I typically believe to be a DIN termination, to 2 RCA's and a ground wire which then plugs into the back of my ASR Mini Basis Exclusive. From the ASR phono stage I am running Audioquest Columbia 72v. RCA interconnects into the phono input on my ASR Emitter II Exclusive amplifier. The only other pair of interconnects that I own are HIDiamond Black Gold Reference rca's which I keep between my Ayre DAC and the amplifier. Are you suggesting that I test the Thorens with both pair of the interconnects, I'm not sure that I'm on the same page. Please keep in mind that I have just basic general knowledge when it comes to electronics. Thanks!
It's me that is on the wrong page. The one I had was modified to do away with the DIN connection. It had RCA outputs. I don't know what to recommend trying there.