What can you do about a nonselling seller?

So i found a power cord that i really wanted. I emailed the seller stating very clearly i wanted to buy the power cord. He emails me back telling me the price. Obvoiusly i knew the price as it is clearly stated. I emailed him back again saying as i did in the first email that i wanted to buy it. This time he emails me back telling me its sold. But the first email well before all this happened should have guaranteed me the right to buy it. Or should it? I'm curious as to what others think....
Forget about it. It's irritating but life is too short to worry about such things.
I think the best thing to do with a non-selling seller is not to buy from him,if nothing else it'll confuse him.
Seriously though even though I've never bought anything here on Audiogon since I'm in the UK-you must be aware it is the nature of the beast- selling and buying privately.
It's a sad fact of life that you'll get time wasters,people who blatantly lie and potentially a fair bit of grief when you try to either buy or sell most things-for every decent person you come across(especially when selling)you'll get five idiots.
Herman makes a good point and in the grand scheme of things a lot worse things can happen than what has happened to you.
Hope you get another power cord-Lordgorian.
I agree with Herman: forget about it; life's too short.

For the sake of analysis, my guess is that this seller received an offer before yours. He agreed to sell it, and the buyer paid via paypal, overnight delivery of cashiers check or money order, etc. Until he could confirm payment, he decided to string you along with a delaying tactic. In other words, if the first buyer didn't pay up, he would still have you as an interested buyer. If he had told you the cable was already sold, you might buy one from somebody else (e.g., order it from a dealer) before he could confirm payment from the first buyer. While this is not a nice thing to do, he technically did not lie to you. It appears the first buyer came through with the payment, so the seller was willing to come clean and say the cable was already sold. Find another seller!
If you are a serious buyer, I'd also recommmend you show that you are by giving your complete name, phone #, and delivery information and inquire exactly on how you will be paying for the item. That will get a sellers attention and show that you are serious, instead of, "Yeah, I want to buy that."
I've heard that too many times, on items offered, and most of the time, they don't close the deal when that is all that they initially say.
...and sometime, even when you show that you ARE serious, some sellers will change their mind AFTER making a committment to sell an item to you. I recommend you accurately and honestly post feedback against them when they don't live up to any firm commmitment made.
Good luck and Happy Listening!
I told the seller i would buy it. Ten minutes later i was told the price. Which i knew. I again told him i would buy it. Half an hour later he told it was sold to someone else. Whereas in the first email I expressly stated that i wanted to buy it so the second one, which at that point it was not sold, was a moot point. The seller however has contacted me and has now rectified the situation. So in the end all is well. Thanks
Unfortunitely it goes both ways. Many times when I sell things I get email from persons who say they want to buy it. I follow up with my address and never hear from them again.

So until "the check in the mail" it is still for sale.

Just for the sake of clearity, I am the seller with my son Tigger 0063. The email came saying he wanted to buy and he asked what model, an Elite, Mk I or Mk II. That did not sound like a done deal to me. Now I have made an offer back to him to sell the only other one I own that I am using today in my system. What I get is this discussion?
The advise you have received here Lordgorian is to get on with life, I will email you later to discuss this further.
having a situation to deal with. No comment really except to say to Jadem6-This did not start out as your discussion if that's what you are referring to. Or perhaps you are alluding to the discussion which took place regarding the discussion you were having with Lordgorian, which would or not be reflected in the ongoing discussion of others who were discussing what was the first part of your discussion without the full discussion of your discussion, that is, if that's what the discussion was about.
Jadem6, you have committed a selfless act, giving up a cable you incorporate in your system to appease Lordgorian. Kudos, worthy Audiogon'er.
Wow, Both sides of the story on one thread. What a concept! I don't think I'd be selling a cable if I didn't want to sell it. In the future you may want to put your stuff up at auction. Sounds like you may have recieved a higher price from one of at least two potential buyers (bidders).
For someone selling an item on AudiogoN, there is no protocol that I can see declaring, "The seller must sell to the first firm offer at the asking price." Posting a classified does not carry with it the implications of a contract contained in the auction process, for either the buyer or the seller. Although "first come, first served" is indeed a common selling practice, and the one that I have used myself, other factors could enter into play: form of payment, geographical proximity, previous dealings with any of the respondents, perusal of feedback, quality of communication, the subsequent offer of a higher price, waiting to receive more responses, or just a personal perogative. To me, unless a seller actually renigs on their acceptance of an offer to sell a certain item for a certain amount and form of payment to a certain buyer, no foul. In the above case, however clumsily handled (and I presume the seller feels some sense of responsibility, otherwise he would not offer to sell the second cable), the parties at least agree that the seller made no such commitment to accept the buyer's offer. It's cases like these that prompt me to always include not only all of my personal info (as recommended above by myraj), but also a reiteration of all the specifics about the item description, price, payment form, and shipping arrangements when offering or accepting an offer to buy. In addition, when I am dealing with multiple offers to buy, I respond by telling each potential customer what their "place in line" is, but this is optional - a seller could just as legitimately respond by thanking the E-mailer for their offer and saying they'll get back in touch if the item proves still available. Like they say, discretion can be the better part of valor.
Zaikesman, I think your responce is right on. As you advise a full disclosure of personal info and a reiteration of the offer would help to clearify the intrest level. The biggest problem I've had here and on ebay is sifting out the interested "tire kicker" vs. the actual buyer. I've found 99% of the people I meet here are honest and come to the table with best intentions. It is hard however for all of us, from different backgrounds, and nations at times to communicate without flaw. This is why I offered to make good, not that a mistake was made, but that my communication skills may be at fault.
It would apear this situation may resolve itself. I thought by my entering this thread an education could be had, hoping to help others in the same situation.