What can I plug into a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet?

Hey folks,

OK, I've been browsing the forums and I can't figure this out. I have a modest system consisting of an Audio Refinement integrated amp, modded SACD/DVD player, cheapo vinyl rig. I'd considering looking into the PS UO as an upgrade mainly for the digital. I'm wondering, could I plug my DVD and integrated into the thing and expect improvements, or would the notoriously "dirty" digital device degrade the performance of the amp? I'm sure running the digital and the phono pre out of the same UO is just about the worst thing I can do. What about chaining stuff off one of these with a juice bar, etc? Or is the whole idea a waste of money? Any responses, as always, are appreciated.


The best answer for your question is to ask PS Audio directly. I have gone to their website and asked them several power related questions in the last couple of years and have always recieved a quick and to the point aswer. I was surprised a couple of times to have my questions answered by Pual McGowen the owner of PS Audio himself within a couple of hours. Answers usauly never take longer than a day. I also use an Ultimate Outlet high current model and it helps a great deal. The high current model costs more but the heavier internal construction and the powerport outlet is also included. Good luck
i have a couple of odyssey monoblock amps plugged into a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet high current model (20 amp version). I also use a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet non-high current (15 amp version) for my cd player and preamp. I replaced a Monster Cable hts3500 with these 2 UO's and am very pleased. You will notice the improvement right away.
They work great and do not limit current or dynamics.
I have each of my Krells plugged into thier own UO and
my PS 600 plugged into its own as well. I have the 20amp
versions due to the load I am imposing on them. Try one
for now and see if you think it is worth getting more.

Good Luck..........Vader

I'm waiting for a negative response from Sean. He seems to have issues with PS Audio.
Dear Vader can you tell me unequivocally that through your own measurements of your own system in your own house that there is no current limiting going on or dynamics changes with the P.S. audio gear OR IS THIS YET ANOTHER MERE REPITITION OF SALES HYPERBOLE TAKEN AS GOSPEL SANS INDEPENDANT EVALUATION.