What can I expect from Klipsch RF-7 w/small tube?

I have an Onix SP-3 integrated amp that throws out only 38 watts. Currently, I am using Silverline Sonatina III, which are beautiful and I enjoy, however, I occasionally find myself wishing for more low end punch. I know that I could go to a SS integrated, but I just love the tubes. What do you guys think about the Klipsch RF-7 with my small tube integrated? Also noteworthy is the fact that I don't have spikes on the Sonatinas and they are on carpet. I doubt spikes would dramatically tighten up the bass, but I also know that it wouldn't hurt. Help me guys, thanks.
I found when I tried the 7's the bigger driver gave a little bigger sound, but the RF-35's had much better punch with the 8's that they still use in the new lines vs. the 7's with 10"'s being eliminated.. The Reference series to me and my friend which still owns them always seemed to be better with the 8" drivers, also this did help smooth out the mids with Voice etc.. I suggest looking at the new Klipsch with the Triple 8's vs an old pair of RF7's and use your intergrated, it will probably be very nice with good bottom end.
Sorry missed the spike question, this is hit or miss, it will tighten up, but without spikes in my experience can have more full feeling.. The only one so far that has improved both Room feel, and Tight punch is the Audiopoints from Starsound, they are pretty pricey, but pure brass and heavy. They seem to transfer the most energy and cause them most solid image with clarity at the same time. Most other spikes I have heard are a bit dull, or simply make the speaker lose some body and become just sharper. Whether this will be the same results on every speaker, will be your own experimentation. Starsound does give an audition period with a full return policy I believe.
Spikes can make a big difference, especially on the shape of your bass notes. Really clears them up.
Try the spikes first, they will make a big difference. You have very nice speakers, if you don't have the low end of bass you desire have you thought about adding a powered sub-woofer?
I run my Klipsch Chorus II's and KLF-20's (series right before the Reference Line) with my little 14 watts/ch Eico HF-81. Klipsch speakers match up very well with tubes and because they are very efficient, they don't need a lot of power. The 14 watts/ch on my HF-81 provides enough power to get my speakers to ear-bleeding levels if I wanted (room size is 15W x 20L x 8H).

Smaller woofer size is going to give you better bass punch than larger woofer size. If you do end up getting Klipsch speakers (any Klipsch), upgrading the crossover networks is a MUST.
I got the RF-7s today, hooked them up and was instantly struck by how much information was thrown at me. It was shocking, hearing the threads that wove the music together, unravel, strand by strand. Still early on in my experience, but I know for certain that these speakers are going to stick around for a while. I am completely sold on high-effeciency speakers. They offer exceptional qualities that I look forward to exploring. The Silverlines aren't going anywhere either, but right now, I am smitten with Klipsch. By the way, thanks for the responses guys.
Congrats on your RF-7 speakers! You will really enjoy them, they are very fine Klipsch speakers! They are among Klipsch best. I own many speakers, including Klipsch KLF-30, Klipschorn 2005, RF-3, LaScala, Cornwall, and RF-7. A well setup Klipsch RF-7 is incredible. The Klipsch RF-7 is one of my most favorite Klipsch speaker and I now own 3 pair of RF-7. They are very clean, dynamic, superb imaging, and detail resolution is incredible. I love mine, I know you will enjoy!!!
I have a pair of RF-7's running with a rebuilt Fisher 500C.
35 watts tubes, sounds excellent.
You will have plenty of power. I do think the RF-7's can benefit from a sub-woofer.

Are these speakers bright? I have been told these things are very bright and harsh. I have never heard them myself, but since I listen to mostly pop/rock I have been kind of interested in the Klipsch line/ RF-7s as I heard these are very good with that type of music.
Kclone, they can be... You may not be a fan if you are looking for rock bottom punch as well. Tubes or Mcintosh SS with tone controls are almost a requirement for 2 Channel only with these, but in a surround they can rock good and smooth with the additional channels helping break them up, and the subwoofer... It will totally depend on the room as well. For the money honestly they are a lot of value if you want big power and very promising speaker, I think they can be found for probably around 900 or less a pair by now, and will be better than many others, I still prefer the New Klipsch with the 3 8" drivers however..
I have had my RF 7's for 1 1/2 years, and won't part with them. I have the RF 3's for surround detail in my ht (and have swapped arrangements numerous times).
I initially ran them on Rotel sperates, with the RB 1080 (2x200) being my favorite (tried the RB 1090 2x380 for braging rights, but nah). When new, with mass marketed electronics they can be pretty brittle sounding, just go into an UltimateElectronics or Best Buy for a demo. Then I put a Jolida JD 100 out front, and was given a hint of tubes to remove the digital.
I experimented with Dean G's crossover values and found they rolled off to much of the top end, which was part of my attraction to them. So I opted to replace all the crossover components with much pricier pieces, and it helped remove the "grain".
Then onto a tubed pre, and with the Jolida, and VTL pre, it was to soft sounding. I felt like much info was lost. I switched to a BelCanto dac 2 with this combo, and still nada.
I grabbed a set of Antique sound Labs AV 20 tubed mono's (20 watters) and instant love. Enormous soundstage, as tall as it was wide, and detail up the wazoo. Any way, long story long, I now am in 2 channel nirvana with a VTL tubed pre, VTL power, and a one box cdp. I don't miss a thing from the bass (no sub needed), the mids are incredible, and the highs are so life like I have to open my eyes from time to time and make sure the artist isn't here.
I tried a pair of their older Heritage line up, and the 3 way horns didn't send me building a system around them.
I am a Klipsch Reference fan, and will remain so until I get the winning loto #. Then I may try the Belles just for their astetics, nice pieces of furniture.....
I remember that I once saw Klipsch RP-7 at a local dealer show room and was told that was a RF-7 with powered sub-woofer built-in. Anyone has any idea about RP-7 compared with RF-7?
correction... it's Klpisch RP-5 instead of RP-7 model.... sorry guys...