what can go under an LP12?

mine is currently on a target wall mount shelf. I have the ability to get a piece of granite, finished edges, for no charge..could i put this between the lp12 and the mdf shelf the target shelf comes with, or use the granite in place of the shelf. What about other components? where would a piece of granite work best, if at all?
Replace the MDF with a Neuance shelf.
Linn recommends a light, rigid table if you're not using a wall mount. If you're near an Ikea store they have what is called a Lack table for under $20.00. Makes a big difference. Whenever I have put footers or heavy granite, etc under my LP12, I lose bass and the sound lacks any life.

Hi Jaf2290,

I agree with Drubin and have done exactly what he has recommended with my LP12 and Target shelf. The shelf is very rigid and low mass which results in very little energy being transfered into the record. You will find a very quiet background as a result.

I don't believe that you can do better.

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Although I am not very familiar with the LP12, I do agree with Drubin about the Neuance shelf. I replaced the stock MDF platform under my Spacedeck with one and it's a noticeable improvement in all regards.

thank you both...i guess ill go with the nuance...has anyone used this under other linn gear, or any other gear? which component shows best results: cd player, preamp, amp?
I use one under my CDP. I think source components benefit the most, but others may feel differently.

The Neuance shelves are all custom made: two models depending on component weight, and then the length and width are customized for your rack.
Hi Dan,

Re:>>>"The Neuance shelves are all custom made: two models depending on component weight, and then the length and width are customized for your rack."<<<

Currently, Neuance platforms are comprised of 4 different constructions of broadly overlapping load handling capacities to cover component weights ranging from 0 up to approx 90 lbs(Neuance A thru D).In addition,I will sometimes adjust these Neuance models to accomodate for unusual, assymetric or severe load requirements with additional laminate reinforcements or heavy duty sidewall torsion members, which would make for a total of 36 different possible custom permutations in the present product range. The specific construction that I will use is largely determined by the the weight and loading requirements of the component.If you have plans for future upgrades or component changes,I can often make adjustments to best accommodate your present and future needs.

The heirarchy of Neuance benefits closely follows the signal path with the greatest gains typically obtained from(in order of magnitude):

1) source components
2) low level components(preamps,phonostages,etc. especially those having internal transformers or tube based circuitry)
3) high level components (ie:amplifiers)
4) components outside the signal path such as outboard psu's and line conditioners
5) passive outboard crossovers

Ken Lyon
I have a Townsend Seismic Sink under my LP12.
It is a major improvement in pace and timing for the table.
Several years ago, one of the Linn reps suggested this to me. For some unknown reason it never got popular.