What can anyone say about Quarter Wavelength transmission line enclosure design ?

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone experienced listening to the speakers based on transmission line enclosure design, as some people swear by it explaining that is the best think you could have once you audition them, as far as bass response \ impact concern. If anyone owned this type of speakers I would love to hear what you have to say and audition them some day. 

Too bad you can't hear my pair, regardless of what I type(8', tapered, folded, w/10" Seas L26RO4Y D1004) .   Are you ever around the Indianapolis, IN area?
Of course, those are being actively bi-amped.  Only producing between 80 and 20Hz(60dB/Oct cutoff).   
This design is why folks swear by PMCs, including me. TLs are actually very complicated to design right, but when they are they're delish.