What can $300 do?

OK audiophools, I need your help. A dear friend of mine (broke right now) needs a pair of speakers. He has Adcom amplification and a Micromega Stage 2 cdp which I gave him. Lucky him, heh? One hellava cdp, even 7 years later. Anyway, what can I get him on the 'gon. He wants me to go used and get the best for $300. Hey let's make it $400. I'm sure he'll go the extra century. What's a guy to do? Thanks in advance. I'm pretty audiophoolish at this price level. Here's what I was thinking about, used:
Alon Petite
Thiel Cs 1.2 (big maybe for that price)
Psb, don't know a model.
Vifa Studio Kit from http://www.madisound.com/ for Price per Pair with Cabinets: $505.00 (without cabinets: $325.00)

Sorry,i couldn't get any better deal.
Triangle Titus?
'books or standers?
Does not matter..
The Energy C-1 is a very nice bookshelf speaker. You might want to look into Tannoy's as well.(One dealer, Audiobreakthroughs, has very good deals on new/demo speakers. Look @ the classified ads.) Also, there are the "Castle" bookshelf speakers to consider. I really like older Snell speakers. The Snell K/J/E series would all be really nice choices to consider. Good Luck!
How about the little Maggie SMG's?
Paradigm Mini Monitor. Can be had for about 250 used. That's where my money would go if I were in your shoes..
try to find some Paradigm 20's V-1
should be avaliable for ~$400 used.
Then build some stands with you bud.
try some concrete blocks stacked to the proper height.I think you will need 24" to bring the 20's up to ear level.So you should only need 2 blocks per speaker.
Attach the blocks with liguid nails,paint,some poster putty to go between the top block and the 20's and he's all set.
These speakers have a midrange to die for!
p.s. if you want to get fancy and improve the sound even more do this.
Attach a piece of plywood bigger than the diameter of the bottom block.Fill the stacked blocks with sand.Put a plywood cap on the top block and then the poster putty between the 20's
You will have a very heavy foundation for the 20's.
Sounds like fun.I could have saved myself $200 for stands if I would have done this when I had some 20's!
Axiom M22ti $400.00. I think they ship free, check out their website.
You gave him the amp and the CDP and now you are hunting for speakers, too? Did you lose a bet? Is your friend in a coma? Warrenh, you must be one nice guy, for sure.
No Matchstikman, I just gave him the CDP. I'm not an Adcom kinda guy.
Celestion SL 6s listed on Audiogon for $300/pr. A real sleeper if you like British sound.
Tom, I would never have thought of those baby maggies. Use to own the Tympani 1Ds. Loved them. No room now, though. I got enough guys. Thanks for the help. peace, warren
Just listened to Monitor Audio Bronze B1 - demo set was $220, retails new for $300. Great little bookshelf speaker. Highly recommended. Was comparing them against Wharfedale Diamond 8.1s for same price ($199 Amazon) - also good, although I'd give the nod to the MAB for the price. Really sang in the upper ranges - some kind of metallic tweeter, but didn't sound shrill. A good comparo view of $300 bookshelf speakers gave the MABs the nod. See http://www.monitoraudiousa.com/reviews/soundandvision.html.
There is a pair of Spica TC60's on the Gon now for $400.00. Was and still is a great sounding speaker.