What cables would you recommend?

I have a Wadia 850 i'm running direct into a Classe CA200 and a pair of Thiel 3.6s(I also have Maggie 2.7QR and ML Aerius, which i alternate). I'll be inserting a tube preamp(probably AR LS2B Mk.II or BAT VK3i) in the future. Right now I have Cardas Cross XLRs from the cd player to the amp and PAD Elementa speaker cables. I'm thinking of going Cardas exclusively. What are your thoughts? Thanks for any inputs you may have.
I don't what your goals are, but I'd wait to see how the preamp affects the sound before comtemplating cables. As a less mature addition, I prefer a more detailed oriented, less colorful IC between the CDP and a tube Pre.
If you really made up your mind that the only thing you want to buy or try right now are speaker cables, the new Purist Audio Museaus rev. C or the Acoustic Zen Hologram II are my recommendations. The PAD Museaus is better than the Colossus rev B upon hearing both IMO and its price runs about $585 for a bi-wire 10 ft. pair. The bi-wire version really have twice the amount of wire(a true internal bi-wire) compared to the single run. On the other hand, the Hologram MK II from Acoustic Zen are much better than the Satori, the latter receive tremendous praises from owners who frequent this site. I can definitely be added to that statistics as well. These two cables(Museaus and Hologram MKII) are the best I ever tried and the only pair that stayed in my system.

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I'm going to take a wild guess and assume your goal is to improve the sonics of your system.

I've had excellent experience with the Pure Note Epsilon Reference XLR ic's and Audience Au24 speaker cables and 6inch jumpers.

Both are very reasonably priced when compared to the majority of cables mentioned. Yet the PN ic's and Au24 sc's have been stated by some in these parts to be better than the Valhallas.

I have not personally made that comparison, but I will say that the Au24 sc's have made the biggest sonic improvements of any ic or sc I've demo'ed or owned in my system. And by a wide margin.

"I'm going to take a wild guess and assume your goal is to improve the sonics of your system."

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BTW, killer system you have there.
Think of LAT International. I switched over to them entirely, for much less money than Cardas, and found that the most enthusiastic reviews on LAT-cables on audioreview.com are true. My system - Audionet Art V2 CD-transport, Chord DAC-64, McIntosh C200 preamp, Mc-power amp, and Shahinian Diapason speakers for the first time sounds as amazing as I always thought it should. Search the archives here as well.
Sonoran plateau from star sound. I have excellent results. I understand the acoustic zens are very good but have no personal experience. Check audiopoints.com.
I continue to have great success with Transparent cables ... they are the most musical I have encountered. Too often we attribute "openess" or "detail" to certain components, including cables. When we hear un-amplified live music (as in a symphony) we realize that it sounds so different from our stereos ... IMHO Transparent is true to the real thing ... not the "HiFi" sound we have come to think of as indicative of good reproduction but that is far from reality. If reality is what you are after ... Transparent helps provide it.
I think Ohlala, is right about getting your preamp first.
Thank you for all your responses.
I'll take your advise Ohlala and wait til i get my preamp.
Hopefully soon ; )
I'll post an update when i do get it.
Again, thanks
I went from using almost exclusively Cardas to exclusively PAD. I think the improvement was definately worth the money. The PAD is more open and detailed, with a much more palpable soundstage. Try the new Museaus, the price of good PAD cable has come down with the new models.