What cables would sound best with my system??

I have an arcam A 85 amp and a set of totem forest speakers (bi-wired). I'm trying to decide what set of bi-wire cables would be best with my system. I was looking at the Monster m2.4 biwire. What do any of you familiar with this set up recommend??

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What's your budget? I own the Totems and have heard the Arcam, though not together (would have thought 85 wpc would be a little lean for the Forests, but liked the Arcam so can see why the choice). I use Analysis plus Oval 9 cables with I like quite a bit and represent a great value. I've had some MIT budget cables in there, which were a joke, and Cardas Quadlink 5s. I've come down hard on Cardas before, and I think it's that I didn't like the Cardas Totem combo, but I do think they make some fine products.
what does your dealer recommend?
My budget is around 500$. I'd like to buy used to make the money go further. I see what you're saying about the 85wpc, but the arcam outputs a very generous 85, and can drive heavier speakers than might be expected. Thanks for the tip with the Oval 9's.
Yeah, didn't want to make you think you should change the Arcam...while I'm overkill about power w/ the forests, I don't think everyone needs ot be as crazy as I am (the world is probably a better place for it). You might be able to find a pair of Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval cables for that much, maybe just a bit over 500, and those are some great cables (looking at them myself). What's up the chain from the forest and the arcam?
I owned the Monster M 2.4 and was quite surprised by how good they were, especially for the money. You can get a used apir very cheap.

There are lots of better cables but they also cost a lot more. Buy the M 2.4 and when you have the money look for something better. There is no reason you couldn't be happy for a long time with that speaker cable.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with your electronics so I don't know how they will sound in your system, but neither does anyone else. Unless they have been in your room and know all of your listening preferences, no one knows whether or not you will like the M 2.4's.
I had the Monster M2.4 and in my system the Acoustic Zen Satori( although a bit more expensive) are far superior in all respects. You can usually find a used 8 ft. pair for @ $300.00-$350.00. Good luck evaluating.
The ones that you like the best.
eh, you'll have to try yourself. Yes, the Monster 2.4's are good cables "in the right system!". They are superb with Martin Logan's for some reason.
Others to try for not too much, that are simply super are Acoustic Zen Satori's! This is probably the best sounding cable, especially run "shotgun", for cheap I've ever had in my systems over the years!
Anyway, tinker.
hey what kind of sound are you getting now?..describe.
You can then make other suggestions
I just got the audioquest cobalt bi-wire cables and have listened for a few days now. The sound is transparent, but I'm looking for something a little brighter. Any suggestions??
Try some of the silver cables from Stealth that are in your price range. I've found them to be excellent performers and value too.
Good Listening!
I feel listening to a few different brands might help. I would see if any local dealers will allow you to take a few pairs home and try them. I find this to be the way to decide if the the cables are going to work with your system.
Kimber Kable has proven there worth with me, but like amps, speakers etc that may not be the case with you.