What cables to use?

System:Michel orbe/rb300/AT OC9, Shanling modded CDT100c,CAT SL1,Spectron musician and Von Schweikert VR4 jr's.

Home theatre Onkyo 906,Von Schweikert ts 150's and sub,Paradigm 590 centre.

I am totally at a loss with audiophile cables and dont have the facility to go listen as I'm in the wilderness.

Currently using high grade unbranded standard cables having never been a believer in expensive cables.

However the current setup lacks attack,sweetness and bass sounding a little thick on some music.

I used to have audio research ls 15 with steen Dossimg SD1 speakers and got a much better sound.

Can anybody recommend some not too expensive cabling or is it system imbalance.

Here are some off the top of my head that alot of People like in mega buck systems.

Cardas Golden Reference
Harmonix Technology Pro Silway Mk III & Pro 9+ Reference
KCI Silkworms
Acoustic Zen Santori
Paul Speltz Anti cables.

Can't go wrong with any of these. The Cardas would be my recommendation.
I don't think cables are your weakness here, ONKYO. Onkyo and Von Schweikerts in the same system just doesn't seem to match???
I recommend that you get in touch with The Cable Company (thecableco.com). If you give them your system configuration and your budget, they will recommend some cables. Then borrow 2 or 3 of those from their cable library and try them in your system. That's really the best way to tell, and it will work even in the "wilderness", as long as you're reachable by UPS. If you find that the cables don't solve your problem, or you think that they aren't worth the money, you're only out the "rental" fee for the cables, plus the shipping. Write that off as a cheap educational experience.